Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets provide a fast and simple waterproof roof solution for DIY, Industrial and agricultural roofing projects. Thanks to their corrugated profile, corrugated sheets are one of the easiest roofing materials to install and offer excellent durability.

All corrugated roof sheets are relatively lightweight compared to traditional roofing options, ideal for DIYers completing their roofing projects at home. Much of the popularity of corrugated roofing stems from the array of material types, price points and styles available. Different strength and transparency options are available for different roof types.

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    • For smaller projects, we manufacture low-cost options like bitumen roof sheet and PVC corrugated sheet that offer a way for homeowners to build a roof affordably. With medium to large projects there are more durable solutions, like our Corramet® Sheeting and corrugated plastic sheets. Whatever your budget, there’s sure to be the perfect sheet for you.

      Common uses of corrugated roofing include sheds, lean-tos, carports, garages, BBQ shelters, covered walkways, canopies and much more. Buy direct from the manufacturer, Clear Amber Shop, for the widest selection of sheets and direct project support.

      The top benefits of using Corrapol corrugated roofing sheets:

      • Cost effectiveness
      • Range of lengths for minimal waste
      • An Array of flashings, fixings and accessories
      • Work with the patented Rock N Lock flashings
      • Simple installation

      Corrugated Roofing Types

      With one of the largest collections of corrugated roofing sheets in a matching profile, we can provide a corrugated roof sheet for almost any application you require. Whether you choose clear corrugated roofing or any other variety, they all share the same unique Corrapol® profile. Used by thousands of installers every year you can have peace of mind about reliability on all our sheets. Here are the main types that we manufacture.

      Corrugated Plastic

      Clear Corrugated Roofing Sheets are the cheapest way to create a clear roof but also the most straightforward. A simple overlap installation ensures fast time from purchase to project completion.

      Corrugated plastic sheets are available in a variety of different materials for varying transparency and robustness.

      PVC Roof Sheets are the everyday low-cost clear corrugated option, popular for smaller and DIY projects like pergolas and lean-tos. Corrapol®-PVC DIY Grade roofing sheets offer a good level of light transmission and provide an affordable waterproofing solution.

      At the top of the range, the Corrapol® Stormproof sheets are the strongest plastic roofing sheets. Made from an incredibly strong resin with a UV protection layer, these sheets don’t fade or discolour like cheaper alternatives. For the small extra investment, the added lifespan provided is exceptional.

      Corrugated Bitumen

      The most cost-effective corrugated roofing sheet, Bitumen Roof sheets are popular for their price point but also for ease of installation. Made from waterproof bitumen fibres they are tough but lightweight, easy to handle during installation. There are two types of Corrugated Bitumen Sheets: DIY grade and Premium Grade.

      Our ever-popular Corrapol®-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheets form the DIY range. Available in Black, Green, Red and Brown colours, they’ll be sure to add some colour to your home or grand. With a huge line-up of flashings and accessories corrugated bitumen is a very versatile material.

      For greater rigidity choose the Awnapol Premium Bitumen Roof Sheets. They match the same profile as the DIY Corrugated bitumen but offer a thicker wall density and a heavier duty solution. Think about overlaying a clear corrugated sheet with the bitumen sheets to create a DIY rooflight.

      Corrugated Corramet

      Offering the perfect combination of durability and style our Corramet Corrugated Sheets are a great option for residential and commercial roof projects. Available in longer lengths up to 4m these roofing sheets remove the need for overlapping lengthways. Great spanning capabilities ensure they are perfect for larger roofs like garage roof replacements, sheds and barns.

      Corrugated Metal

      Corrugated metal is tough and great for commercial applications. Made from metal as thin as 0.5mm consideration should be taken for the noise factor and denting. One of the few corrosive corrugated roofing sheets on the market care is required to maintain and avoid rust.

      The best alternative to metal roof sheets is Corramet. Quieter, faster delivery and easier to install, they tick all the boxes for a hassle-free corrugated roof installation.

      Most Popular Corrugated Sheets

      Corrapol Stormproof Corrugated Sheets – Highest impact resistance, excellent light transmission and an estimated life expectancy of 20 plus years.

      Corrapol BT Bitumen Roof Sheets – bitumen roof sheets are the lowest cost roofing sheet available and easiest to install.

      Corrapol PVC Corrugated Sheet – a great DIY sheet with mid to high level of transparency and around 5 to 10 year life expectancy.

      Corramet Roofing Sheet Kits - a special type of corrugated plastic that offers a great alternative to corrugated metal. Corramet is designed to be very durable and available in longer lengths of up to 4 metres!

      Other corrugated sheets that we manufacture include our Corrapol GRP Roof Sheets and Awnapol Premium Bitumen Sheets. With one of the largest collections of corrugated roofing sheets in a matching profile, we can provide a corrugated roof sheet for almost any application you require. Check out our best corrugated roofing sheets guide for more in-depth information.

      Who Manufactures Corrapol Sheets?

      Clear Amber manufactures the Corrapol® range, one of the most popular and renown corrugated ranges globally. The Corrapol corrugated sheet ranges include plastic, clear, bitumen and other sheet types for use in agricultural, commercial and residential applications.

      Have Questions About Our Corrugated Roofing?

      If you have any questions about our corrugated roofing sheet range or need some project assistance, get in touch with our live chat team for rapid support. With direct manufacturer expertise, our products experts can help guide you to the best products for your project, and within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The strongest clear corrugated roofing sheet available is the Corrapol® Stormproof. It is one of the only corrugated plastic sheets that is fully UV protected and manufactured from a virtually unbreakable. The strongest opaque (non-clear) corrugated plastic sheet is Corramet® Sheeting.

There is no minimum pitch as far as the product itself is concerned, however the steeper the pitch the better the rain will run off and this will also increase waterproof levels and reduce the chances of dirt/leaves collecting on top of the roof. A minimal 10-degree pitch is considered to be normal best practice.

We manufacture corrugated plastic in lengths from 1 metre right up to 4 metres. The Corrapol Stormproof sheet is the longest made at a length of 4 metres, ideal for larger projects.

This depends on a lot of factors such as pitch, roof type, location, structure of purloins etc. However, we suggest at least a minimum of twenty Corrapol-BT fixings per sheet. Sometimes customers will install as many as fifty fixings per sheet!

Yes, it is recommended to predrill Corrapol Sheets to create 5mm pilot holes to allow for expansion. You can easily drill Corrugated Plastic Sheets using a standard 5mm HSS drill bit. View our How-To Video for full instructions.

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