Glazing Bars

Alukap-XR, Alukap-SS & Snapa Glazing Bar Systems

Glazing bars (sometimes called joiner bars) are used to fix and join roofing sheets onto substructures, such as roofs, canopies and covered areas, providing a waterproof seal between glazing sheets. For almost any type of roof glazing, whether it’s glazed with polycarbonate sheets such as Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate or Axgard® solid polycarbonate, or even single or double-glazed glass units, our manufacturing teams produce a glazing bar system to suit.

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    • For self-supporting lean to canopies our Alukap®-SS Glazing Bar system offers two strengths of glazing bars for spanning distances as far as five meters, with our Alukap®-SS high span glazing bar, where our Alukap®-SS low profile bar covers up to 3,000mm depending on spanning widths, pitch and loaded factors. Alukap®-SS will glaze glass or polycarbonate of any thickness and comes with all fixings are concealed with a full aluminium cover cap. Alukap®-SS glazing bars can be manufactured to any RAL Colour of your choice with no minimum order quantity!

      For rafter top glazing bars, we manufacture two main systems. Alukap®-XR and Snapa® both have advantages and are designed and manufactured to provide a range of individual benefits to suit different applications.

      The Snapa® Snap down Glazing Bar system offers a fast snap fix glazing bar which is designed specifically to work with Axiome® multiwall and twinwall polycarbonate. It is designed for entry level lean-to roof structures, including gable ends and wall abutments.

      The Alukap®-XR aluminium glazing bar system is a fully aluminium concealed fix glazing system designed for the more complex roofs including Gables, Wall abutments, Hip connections and Ridges. This system is ideal for roof lanterns orangeries, commercial roofs and many other applications. Being fully aluminium Alukap®-XR glazing bars can be manufactured to any RAL Colour of your choice with no minimum order quantity!

      All our glazing bar ranges are available on our rapid Same Day Despatch Guarantee with no minimum order so you can purchase with confidence.

      What are the best glazing bars?

      To answer this we have set out just a few key features of these glazing bar systems so you can see the differences:

      • Snapa®- Glazing Bars: With a fast snap fix installation method these bars are suited to multiwall and twin wall polycarbonate sheets. They are ideal for budget DIY projects like lean to roofs.
      • Alukap®-XR: Can be used to glaze any thickness of glass or multiwall polycarbonate, suits complex shaped roofs, can be manufactured in any colour and has a 30-year life expectancy. A great aluminium glazing bar for conservatory roof replacements and pergolas.
      • Alukap®-SS: Self-supporting glazing bars can be used to glaze any thickness of glass or multiwall polycarbonate, suited lean to roof styles, can be manufactured in any colour and have a 30 year life expectancy. These bars are good for carports and canopies.

      We are always keen to hear of suggestions from you of products and features we can improve, and our R&D Teams are constantly working on new products and features to make your glazing installation faster and easier, so please let us know if you have any ideas, you’d like us to incorporate in our next product developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snapa Snap Fix Glazing Bar FAQs

Snapa Snap Fix Glazing Bars can be used with a wide range of Axiome Polycarbonate thicknesses including 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm!

However, when using the bigger thicknesses, especially 35mm, we would recommend using our Alukap-XR system as it is stronger and will secure the thicker, and therefore heavier, sheets better.

Snapa Glazing Bars can be cut to length very easily using any fine tooth saw, such as a hacksaw, jigsaw or circular saw. For best results, care should be taken to ensure a high cutting speed and slow cutting entry speed with a fine tooth blade.

Alukap-XR Rafter Glazing Bar FAQs

Both our Alukap Glazing Bars ranges, XR and SS, are designed to work with any thickness of glass or glazing. Popular glazing types include our Axgard® Glazing Sheets, Axiome Multiwall Sheets, double glazing units.

Our Alukap-XR rafter glazing bars come in white or brown colours as standard, however, we also offer a Bespoke Powder Coated option where we can manufacture your Alukap Bars to any RAL colour!

White is the most popular colour or Alukap glazing bar as it creates a clean look as is a nice neutral colour meaning it works with many colour schemes! People working with timber, especially hardwoods, tend to choose our brown Alukap glazing bars as they complement the wood characteristics nicely!

Alternatively, if you are looking to match your existing house or window colours or add a splash of colour to your garden the our bespoke powder coated option is the one for you!

Alukap-SS Self Supporting Glazing Bar FAQs

The Alukap is available in two profile for different length spans:

Alukap®-SS Low Profile - typically spans up to 3 metres and so is our most popular option as is suitable for a wide range of home applications

Alukap®-SS High Span - can achieve up to 6 metre spans so is ideal for larger and commercial applications

These spans are indicative and typically depend on all other project factors, such as location, exposure, load etc. Users should carry out their own tests and obtain structural engineer calculations as required to determine the suitability of the material for their application

Our Alukap self supporting glazing bars come in white or brown colours on our standard rapid delivery. However, you can also personalise your Alukap bars to any RAL colour with our bespoke powdered coated option!

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