Corrapol-BT Super Ridge Endcap

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Corrapol-BTSKU: AC340BL

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Click our Corrapol®-BT Installation Guide above, on the left, to view our latest fitting instructions for installing your Corrapol-BT Bitumen corrugated sheets.

On the right, you can also view our Corrapol®-BT Technical Guide for all the technical details you may need about this product!

Available in Black, Green, Red or Brown, our Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets are an affordable option that are great for adding style to shed roofs, lean tos, garages and more!

With our unique patented accessories, like our Corrapol-BT Rock N Lock Gable Flashing and Corrapol-BT Top Wall Flashing, our Corrapol-BT Sheets are easy to install with little DIY experience so are great for home and garden installations.


Customer Reviews

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Susan H.
Corrapol roffing and fittings.

Great stuff, about to re-order,after storm damage took old felt off. I knew it would happen!!. Used my last order to repair job 2 now need to reorder to do job 1. Its a good product. I replied earlier about the extra support needed if you do not have a full platform for the roof. They sent back good info about a better grade of product. I wish I'd read it....sagging where the stuff is not fully supported. They are right.

Tony D.

Excellent service

Excellent Corrugated Roofing

Ordering from ClearAmber was simple and straightforward. The Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheet is of high quality and standard but easy enough to fit. I purchased five of these to cover carport and they are very heavy duty and sturdy. It is good idea to have the correct drill bit and screw bit and where possible two cordless drills to make it easy and fast to install. I also purchased extra screws but found that the ones provided with the sheets were sufficient enough.

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