8 Important Tips for Corrugated Roof Flashing

8 Important Tips for Corrugated Roof Flashing

Corrugated roofing is one of the fastest ways to create a waterproof roof for sheds, carports, bbq shelters and other covered areas. It easy to install, but there are still some challenges if you want to make a neat finish with the corrugated roof flashing, and without any hassle.

The below guide will point you to tips that are fundamental for installing corrugated roof flashing quickly and easily and maintaining a professional finish every time. Follow these easy-to-follow hints to discover all the essentials for improving the speed and looks of your next corrugated roof flashing installation.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Corrugated Roof Edge Trims

  • Corrugated roof edging makes the roof last longer
  • Helps create better waterproofing
  • Provides professional looking finish
  • Corrugated roof edging reduces installation time
  • Makes installation easier
  • Improves aesthetics of corrugated roof
  • Corrugated roof edging is often the most viewed part of the roof

What advantages You Get from Corrugated Roof Edge Trims

  • More robust finish at critical waterproofing areas
  • Colour matched corrugated roof edging makes your job look great
  • Using an aluminium version of corrugated roof edging increases lifespan by up to 55%
  • More secure method of fixing the end roof sheets
  • Corrugated roof edging can also match other trims like top wall flashing

Great Tips for Corrugated Roof Flashing

So, you have planned your corrugated bitumen roof, or your clear corrugated roofing sheet roof, and now want to make sure you have everything you need to quickly and easily finish the corrugated roof flashing sides. However, there are actually a whole range of finishing trims for corrugated roof flashing which you should understand before you make your purchase, as this can make a huge difference to the finished look of your corrugated roofing project.

Getting corrugated roof flashing right will increase the overall lifespan of your project by up to 55%, and also help reduce the worry, hassle and cost of a leaking roof. Having a great set of roof flashings for corrugated roof sheets will also reduce the installation time by as much as 45%.

Make Sure You Check These 8 major tips that need to be checked when using Corrugated Roof Flashing:

    1. Decide to use Gable or Wall Flashing
    2. Buy top wall flashing to save time
    3. Check Ridge options and endcaps
    4. Use correct Corrugated Roofing Screws
    5. Choose Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing for clear roofs
    6. Understand why 3m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets are most common
    7. Get Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets, which colour to choose
    8. Buy quality flexible corrugated roof fixings
  1. Decide to use Gable or Wall Flashing

There are two main choices here on this first point:

  1. Buy top wall flashing to save time

One of the hardest areas to seal on a corrugated lean-to roof is where the corrugated roof meets the back wall, where there’s no flat surface for lead flashing to seal on to. Top wall flashing makes corrugated roof flashing 75% easier to waterproof. Corrapol® Top Wall Flashing for Corrapol® Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing sheets comes in white or mill finish, with options of 2m, 3m or 6m sizes.

If you are installing corrugated bitumen sheets then choose Corrapol®-BT Top Wall Flashing in Green, Black Brown, or red colour options. These aluminium corrugated roof flashings can be cut and mitre for almost any roof angle.

Example lean to corrapol corrugated bitumen roof

  1. Check Ridge options and endcaps

For all apex roofs you should use a quality ridge solution, as the ridge is where the elements hit hardest. An aluminium ridge is a vitally important corrugated roof flashing, making the ridge connection waterproof and easy to install.

The Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge comes in all four matching colours and has a flexible foam gasket to suit almost any roof angle, making a fast and easy installation. Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge is made from aluminium creating a very long-lasting corrugated roof flashing solution.

If you are choosing the Corrapol® Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing sheets then you will need the Corrapol® Super Ridge which comes in Mill Finish or White colour options.

Bonus Tip: For these corrugated roof flashings it is crucial that you consider the ridge apex where you may have a gable corrugated roof flashing. These connections can be very tricky due to the compound mitres, however you can choose a Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge Endcap or for clear roofing sheets choose a Corrapol Super Ridge Endcap. These Super Ridge Endcaps make this complex corrugated roof flashing connection simple, fast and professional looking, with greatly enhanced waterproofing.

  1. Use Correct Corrugated Roofing Screws

When fixing any aluminium corrugated roof edge trims, it is important to use stainless steel fixings. This is because aluminium can react with other metal or plated fixings, so using stainless steel means you can be assured it will be the longest lasting solution. For the Corrapol®-BT Super Ridge and Corrapol® Rock n Lock Gable Flashing, fixings come with the product, however Corrapol® Rock n Lock Wall Flashing may require some additional wall fixings to suit whatever substructure you are fixing to.

  1. Choose Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing for Clear Roofs

If are making a roof using clear corrugated roof sheets, and you want your roof to have the longest possible lifespan, after all your hard work, then it’s very important that you understand why it’s worth paying more for corrugated polycarbonate roofing. Corrugated polycarbonate roofing is typically 2000% stronger than PVC corrugated roof sheets. Corrapol® Stormproof clear roof sheets also have a UV protective layer which means they don’t discolour or become brittle with age in the same way corrugated PVC roof sheets tend to. Additionally, Corrugated polycarbonate roofing is 40% more transparent than clear PVC corrugated roof sheets.

  1. Understand why 3m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets are most common

Corrugated roof sheets can be overlapped to easily create any length, however for the majority of applications its preferable to have one continuous sheet length, if you can. Corrugated bitumen sheets are generally only manufactured up to 2m in length, however Corrapol® PVC Clear Corrugated Roofing sheets are manufactured in to 2m, 2.5m, 3m lengths. 3m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets are most common because it suits the slope length of most carports which tend to be 3m slope due to the width of a typical car packing space. If you need a longer sheet then Corrapol® Clear Stormproof Corrugated Roofing is manufactured in 4m for the longer roof slope applications!

  1. Get Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets, which colour to choose

Bitumen corrugated roofing is manufactured in Black, Red, Green and Brown. Black corrugated roofing tends to be slightly lower cost because it is manufactured in higher volumes, however there’s an increasing trend towards Red, Brown or Green bitumen corrugated roofing colours, with the relatively small additional cost provides a brighter and more creative look to projects. There is no significant difference between the colours of bitumen corrugated roofing. Corrapol®-BT is the standard bitumen corrugated roofing sheet, but for more demanding applications the heavier duty option of Awnapol® bitumen corrugated roofing sheets provide an extra level of strength.

Upgrade for Extra Durability: our new Corramet Corrugated sheets provide greater spanning, rigidity and durability. With length options up to 4 metres these sheets are excellent for longer roofs. hats more, they come with fixings provided!

  1. Buy quality flexible corrugated roof fixings

For your corrugated roof sheets, you will need to use plastic head fixings, but as these can be seen its important to make sure these are colour matched and provide quality waterproofing. For best results it’s important that the plastic cap is flexible so it curves around the contoured top of the corrugations on the corrugated roof sheets. Using Corrapol®-BT Flexi Screw Cap Fixings also allows much more torque control with screw fixing method rather than nails. Corrapol®-BT Flexi Screw Cap Fixings are available in all four colours to match the corrugated bitumen sheet options. You can also use the Corrapol Clear Flexi Screw Cap Fixings to suit clear corrugated roofing sheets


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