Clear Amber Group Product Quality…  and Total Lifespan® Warranty

Clear Amber Group manufacture products that are not only innovative, but also designed to last, giving our Trade Customers confidence to install knowing that the job will provide their customers with a lasting solution. We only use high-quality materials in our manufacturing processes, and then we test our products in many ways to ensure they meet the requirements of our customers! We believe that the proof of the success of any product is always how it performs in use, and with many years of experience we not only have an excellent proven track record in manufacturing high quality and long-lasting products, but our R&D Teams also continuously work to further improve our ranges, learning from real life experience to make sure that our estimated product lifespans increase even more. 

What Estimated Product Lifespan do Clear Amber Products Have?

Nearly all our products have a minimum of a 10 year Estimated Product Lifespan, which is a standard we know you will expect as normal. However, with our Total Lifespan® products we can provide an even greater product lifespan warranty, which demonstrates our confidence in the enduring nature of the products Clear Amber Group manufactures!

What is Total Lifespan® Warranty?

Total Lifespan® is a Clear Amber Group extended warranty system which provides an estimated lifespan of twenty years, on qualifying products, giving our Trade Customers total confidence and peace of mind on all qualifying products when they are installed in normal applications. All you have to do is simply register as set out below and your Total Lifespan® products warranty.

How do I register my installation for my Total Lifespan® Warranty?

We know you are busy and so that you are not bogged down with complex forms and time-consuming applications, we have made the Total Lifespan® warranty system, super simple to register for any installation. All you need to do to register your installation is follow these FIVE steps:

  1. Purchase your Clear Amber Products via
  2. Make sure they are installed correctly, including correct proprietary supports, sealants and fixings etc
  3. Take four pictures of the completed installation showing the full product/s from different angles.
  4. Arrange for the property owner to email the images to with a subject line with your Clear Amber Sales Order Reference Number and these words in the subject line: EG: “Total Lifespan® Warranty Application: Sales Order No 123456”.
  5. Ensure the Property owner maintains the products in a good state with standard regular cleaning and care procedures.

And that’s it! – super easy and fast! You will receive an email response confirming your registration which you should retain for your records.

Important Note: We’re excited to see and hear about your projects, and as a side project from time to time our Imagery and Marketing Teams may choose to use your excellent project images for further product development, marketing and promotions in a general way. We will never disclose any personal data or locations, however in applying for the Total Lifespan® Warranty you acknowledge that you are happy for our Teams to use the images submitted and fully assign all intellectual property rights to the images to Clear Amber Group for these purposes of similar product enhancement and promotion purposes. In registering for the warranty, you also agree that we may send you product information on new innovations or promotions from time to time that may be of interest to you especially as being a customer. Of course you may opt out of these communications at any point if you wish by unsubscribing.

What is not covered in the Total Lifespan® Warranty?

The Total Lifespan® Warranty covers for core functions and integrity, so you have total peace of mind. Due to many wide and various applications that the products may be used in the Total Lifespan® Warranty does not cover for aesthetical failures, such as  colourfastness, fading, surface dulling or hazing, condensation, mildew or mould growth, or other visual qualities which do not substantially affect the integrity or functional performance of the products.

How do I get help with a product issue under the Total Lifespan® Warranty ?

Its very unlikely you will need to replace or repair a product under the Total Lifespan® Warranty registration scheme as we strive continuously to try and ensure products are manufactured of such quality that they far exceed the warranty period. However, in the unlikely event that you need to get help with a product where you have discovered an issue, simply email our team at with your original email registration acknowledgment that you will have received after you applied for registration, and attach two to four pictures of the products in the installation showing where any problem has occurred. Our Teams will then investigate this fully and get in touch with the next steps to help you resolve this fully.

We’re Clear Amber….we manufacture for your leading advantage…and we’re with you for the long run!


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