Top Garden Projects To Complete This Summer

Top Garden Projects to complete this Summer

 As the days get longer, admit it, there’s that one DIY garden project you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s building a pergola, adding a deckin...
Prevent Condensation in Polycarbonate Sheets

Can I Prevent Condensation in Polycarbonate Roof Sheets?

So, you have installed your new clear polycarbonate roof panels and have noticed some water trapped inside the multiwall polycarbonate? This could ...
How To Cover an Outdoor Eating Area - Pergola, Lean-to or Canopy?

How to Cover an Outdoor Eating Area - Pergola, Lean to, Canopy?

Outdoor living and dining has great health benefits. What's more creating an outdoor eating area cover can be cheap to do. Should you choose a pergola, tiles roof or lean to? Check out these 6 ideas...
Polycarbonate Sheets - The Complete Buying Guide Blog

Polycarbonate Sheets – The Complete Buying Guide

Unsure what Polycarbonate Sheet is best? This easy-to-read buying guide covers all things polycarbonate! With Solid and Multiwall polycarbonate, there is a wide range of options...
Joining Polycarbonate Sheets Guide - Axiome & Axgard

Joining Polycarbonate Sheets (6 things you should know)

Trying to join and install polycarbonate roofing sheets? Learn about the best glazing bar options, fixings and screws to use. Check these 6 points before starting...
What is Better; Greenhouse, Poly Tunnel or Cold Frame or Grokurv

What is Better; Greenhouse, Poly Tunnel, or Cold Frame?

In this article we compare the difference between a Greenhouse, Grokuv, Polytunnel, and Cold Frame. Discover which one suits your needs best for growing plants ...
Best Corrugated Roofing Sheet Complete Guide

Best Corrugated Roofing Sheets - The Complete Guide

What is the best type of corrugated roofing? If you are planning on building a carport or looking to finally re-roof your shed you may well be cons...
RapidKey Roof Pitch Calculator

Roof Pitch Calculator | RapidKey

Calculate your roof pitch easily with the RapidKey Roof Pitch Calculator. Simply add your roof dimensions, projection, rise or slope and the calculators does the rest!
4 long lasting garden projects you should try!

How House Owners are Transforming their Gardens – Top 4 Ways!

4 Long Lasting Garden Improvements to try!  As much as everyone loves a garden project, once they are done, everyone is glad not to have to worry a...
Glass versus plastic - which is better?

Glass versus Plastic Roofing – Which glazing option is best?

Should you choose Glass or Plastic Roofing? There are many pros and cons to both so here's a comparison of the differences, which you should choose and why!
Frosted Plastic Sheet - 4 Options

Stippolyte Glass or Frosted Plastic Sheets – Which is Best?

Discover the four most popular type of Tinted and Frosted Plastic Sheets. Learn the best alternatives to Stippolyte Glass and why Patterned Polycarbonte is the choice of ...

Rapid Key Imperial To Metric Calculator

Imperial to Metric Converter | RapidKey

This handy calculator takes the guess work or hard calculations out converting imperial dimensions into metric dimensions (or vice versa!), for your roofing..

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