How to Cut Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are easy to cut to size at home or on site. This is why they are loved by homeowners and the Trade for installation on a range of roofing projects including popular applications like shed roofing, garages and stable roofing.

One of the many benefits of corrugated bitumen is how it can be cut across its width or down its length. Cutting bitumen corrugated sheets by width and length follow a similar method but more care should be taken when cutting across the width.

Loved by trade and DIYers alike for how easy the are to install and work with. With most installation of Corrapol-BT only requiring the sheets to be overlapped widths and lengthways to cover the roof there is no cutting and only fixing required!

Occasionally, corrugated bitumen sheets need cut to size when a roof is a more bespoke length, however, this is also easy to do!

To learn how to cut Corrapol-BT corrugated sheets to size simply view our How2 Video above.

Top Installers Tip: Sometimes using an older hand saw can make cutting Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheets even easier as the more worn teeth apply a softer force, meaning a smoother cut!

Are premium and DIY grade corrugated sheets cut the same way?

Yes - both premium bitumen sheets like Awnapol and DIY Grade Bitumen sheets are cut using this same simple method. In many ways, cutting premium corrugated bitumen roofing is easier due to its extra rigidity and sturdiness.

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