Introducing Aluflow Guttering

Researching the best guttering system for your project? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are doing a gutter repair or new installation there is a modern guttering option to consider that’s a game-changer.

Introducing Aluflow® Aluminium Guttering - Sustainable, Affordable, Quality.

Aluflow is regarded as the top choice due to its seamless gutter look, enhanced durability, and a range of additional features. But what makes it stand out? Let’s cut to the chase…

Why is Aluflow Aluminium Gutter the best guttering?

The patented Aluflow Guttering system is designed to be the strongest, easiest-to-fit and most stylish gutter option anywhere. All without costing the Earth (both literally and metaphorically).

What’s more, there’s no need to search for Aluminium Guttering near me as delivery from this brand is direct to your door with rapid delivery.

Benefits of fitting Aluflow® Guttering

  1. Concealed Gutter Brackets - easy-install Rock N Lock Brackets
  2. Fully Aluminium Guttering – no cracking/rusting
  3. Hidden Gutter Unions
  4. Incredibly Strong
  5. Made from Sustainable Aluminium
  6. Deep Flow Design
  7. Stunning Curved Gutter Corners
  8. Any RAL Colour
  9. Intuitive Aluminium Downpipe
  10. Flush Gutter Stop Ends

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    With all these benefits is Aluflow expensive compared to plastic? No, Aluflow Aluminium Guttering is only marginally more premium at only £10s or £100s more over a whole project.

    To get your aluminium guttering cost check out our offering online or contact our team.

    Concealed Gutter Brackets

    A ground-breaking innovation for the guttering industry this Aluminium Gutter uses wholly unique gutter brackets that are hidden from view once installed.

    No more ugly gutter clips exposed on the front face.

    All fixings are hidden behind and the bracket is completely rear installed to keep the front edge of your guttering looking stunning.

    Are concealed gutter brackets hard to fit? No, with their innovative Rock n lock® installation method fitting hidden gutter clips is intuitive for every skill level of installer.

    Fully Aluminium Guttering

    Aluminium guttering is considered the best type of metal guttering because it does not have the rust risk of others, such as steel or cast iron.

    Perhaps the most obvious benefit but also the most important is the strength. The strength of the aluminium Aluflow gutter is unsurpassed having been tested up to 50kg per metre!

    Ultimately a stronger gutter equals a longer lifespan, greater weather resistance and less replacements.

    Additionally, you would assume that all aluminium guttering ranges are fully manufactured from aluminium but not always. Plastic parts within a metal guttering range are what degrade and break the fastest, creating a vital floor in what should be a long lifespan solution.

    You can rest assured that no plastic parts are used in the Aluflow Range.

    Hidden Gutter Unions

    Yes, you read that right – all gutter unions are also hidden with Aluflow®.

    Aluflow’s patented design presents a solution that looks seamless but without all the downsides of seamless aluminium gutters (installation cost and weakness).

    Alongside the concealed guttering clips these unions help maintain the unobstructed style of the front guttering face. A simple installation method ensures a strong fix and tight seal.

    View our video to learn how to join an aluminium gutter.

    Incredibly Strong & Durable

    Naturally aluminium gutter is substantially stronger than alternatives, including steel or plastic. Why does the strength of a gutter matter? A stronger gutter equals a longer lifespan and greater durability.

    With Aluflow weight tested up to 50kg per metre, you can be assured it is built to last. Not only is the material inherently strong but the design of Aluflow was also centred on ensuring strength with robust fixing methods and interlocking shapes.

    Choose Aluflow Aluminium Gutter for strength

    So strength is one factor contributing to lifespan but another key factor is corrosion resistance.

    Most metal guttering options suffer from poor rust resistance, except for aluminium. With the high levels of contact with water rust and corrosion in a gutter can be fatal for leaks and breakages.

    Choosing aluminium gutters is a wise choice if you are considering installing metal guttering on your property or project.

    Made from Sustainable Aluminium

    Unlike plastic guttering, aluminium is a highly sustainable gutter choice for three reasons: it is abundant, outlasts alternatives and is infinitely recyclable. 

    How are aluminium gutters sustainable:

    1. Highly abundant - the 3rd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust
    2. Outlasts alternatives - an estimated lifespan of 60 years means fewer replacements and less waste.
    3. Infinitely recyclable - can be recycled without any loss of quality.

    Why aluminium is a sustainable metal

    Deep Flow Design

    Deep flow guttering is popular for providing a greater water capacity than standard half round or ogee gutter profiles.

    Aluflow is manufactured to strike the perfect balance between capacity and the optimal size visually. Its high-capacity design offers a deepflow gutter without looking bloated or oversized.

    Stunning Curved Gutter Corners

    Another stand-out feature that adds to the quality overall appearance is the gutter corners. These have been created with a curved angle.

    The Aluflow External Gutter Corners has a swooping curved top bevel which maintains the visual continuity down the run of guttering. Its curvature also plays a part in ensuring good drainage and capacity for rainwater.

    Any RAL Colour

    There are three popular standard colours of Aluflow Gutter: Black, Grey & White. Available with rapid delivery, these colours can be on site in only two days.

    Which colour of guttering should I choose?

    • Black guttering: the most popular, a neutral colour that works with all colour schemes
    • Grey guttering: the choice for modern properties
    • White guttering: to complement timber structures or white glazing bars
    • Bespoke colour guttering: for a special touch to add style

    Aluflow Colour Options

    Black aluminium guttering tends to be the most popular choice but bespoke colours are also common. Available in any RAL colour, the Aluflow Gutter Range is perfect for heritage and modern bespoke projects.

    Intuitive Aluminium Downpipe

    Aluminium Downpipes have all the qualities of a standard downpipe but without the discolouration and cracking.

    With intuitive easy-to-fit downpipe connectors, installing an aluminium downpipe is a straightforward task to complete. Included in the Aluflow Range is a selection of all the accessories needed finish the job including downpipe shoes, angles and clips.

    Flush Gutter Stop Ends

    As the crowning touch of any gutter installation, the Stop Ends hold critical importance for both waterproofing and style. The gutter stopend directs the water away from the ends towards the running outlet.

    Aluflow Gutter Stop End is fabricated with a flush end design to complete the stylish look. Left and right hand variants are available to suit alternative ends. Most installations will require one of each for each guttering run installed.

    Who makes Aluflow Guttering?

    The patented Aluflow Aluminium Guttering is designed and manufactured by Clear Amber, a company renowned for their innovative and easy-to-install product ranges.

    Where to buy Aluminium Guttering?

    As the manufacturer, Clear Amber Shop provides the best value with the fastest delivery and widest range of aluminium gutter for delivery direct to any site across the country.

    Aluminium Gutter Systems are considered the best guttering material and Aluflow is the best designed aluminium gutter designed available – the best of the best.

    Contact our teams for expert help and one-on-one personal support for our project.

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