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Researching cheap plastic roofing sheets? You’ve come to the right place – in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the world of plastic roofing sheets and explore which will save you money and their benefits.

Whether you are creating a simple pergola plastic roof or an elaborate garden gazebo roof there are multiple options available to choose from. Essentially whichever sheet you prefer ensuring you elect a reputable brand or manufacturer is the best way to ensure a successful installation.

We will answer some essential questions to help you along in your decision-making process including:

Types of Cheap Plastic Sheets

Cheapest Flat Plastic Roofing Sheets

Cheapest Corrugated Plastic roofing sheets

Should you use the cheapest option?

What are the cheapest plastic roofing sheets?

Types of Cheap Plastic Sheets

There are two main types of plastic roof sheets: Flat and corrugated. Within the flat plastic sheets segment, there is further split including solid, twinwall and multiwall varieties.

No matter the profile of plastic roofing you choose there are three primary types:

  1. Polycarbonate
  2. PVC
  3. GRP

Before delving into comparisons of low-cost plastic sheets let’s acknowledge the fact that the sheet type is not the factor that drives the price and life span of your roof. The flashings and fixings used and labour costs also have significant impacts on the overall amount you will spend and how long it will last.

Cheapest Flat Plastic Roofing Sheets

To understand the difference in costs between plastic roof panels it needs to be understood that it relies primarily on the thickness and structure of the sheet. The thinner and less structure to the roofing sheet the cheaper it will be, due to the lower quantity of plastic used in production.

Whatever polycarbonate sheet type you select the estimated lifespan will be approx. 20 years. This means the decision is down to strength and appearance. In order of cost and strength, there is solid, multiwall and then twinwall plastic: with twinwall being the cheapest.

Plastic Sheet Type Cost Per Sheet  Highlight
10mm Twinwall From £10.72 Minimum Roofing Thickness
16mm Triplewall From £17.11 Most Popular
25mm Multiwall From £42.71 Best Insulation
4mm Solid From £28.63 Minimum Solid Thickness
6mm Solid From £42.96 Most Popular Solid
8mm Solid From £57.29 Most Robust

Less common flat plastic sheet types include acrylic and styrene, however, both have serious limitations, so most retailers and suppliers avoid selling them. Acrylic can work for internal applications but cracks and splits easily. Styrene should be avoided as it has serious quality issues, is not UV protected and only suitable for limited internal use.

Cheapest Plastic Sheet: Twin wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Cheapest Corrugated Plastic roofing sheets

Without a doubt, the cheapest corrugated plastic manufactured is the corrugated PVC roofing sheet. Its budget price point has made it a great roof panel for home improvement jobs.

The next cheapest is GRP corrugated sheets, which are middle of the road. However, due to their size limitations and more industrial look (have a fibrous structure), they are primarily only used as plastic roof lights on bars, sheds and tables.

Finally, at the top of the range sits Stormproof corrugated sheeting which is the leading corrugated choice. Its unique robustness, UV Protection and clarity make this plastic sheet very popular. Suited to both larger and small roofs the Stormproof sheet offers an unbeatable level of durability.

When purchasing clear plastic roof sheets, the level of transparency increases with the quality and cost. A PVC sheet lets a good amount of light through but for maximum transparency and light transmission a stormproof corrugated sheet is unbeatable.

As the table below shows, there is a clear correlation between cost and lifespan.

Plastic Sheet Type  Est Lifespan Cost
PVC Corrugated 5 Years From £9.67
GRP Corrugated 5-10 Years From £15.56
Stormproof Corrugated 5-10 Years From £23.76

If you as looking for a solid rather than a clear plastic roofing sheet, then consider Corramet Corrugated sheets which are produced in vivid black and green colours.

Cheapest Corrugated Plastic: PVC Corrugated Sheet

Should you use the cheapest plastic roofing sheets?

Unless you have a very limited budget, it is not recommended to choose the cheapest plastic roofing sheets. Lower-grade plastic roof sheets suffer from shorter lifespans, brittleness and lower transparency.

Everyone knows that cheapest does not equal best. You don’t get Cadbury’s taste from a smart price chocolate bar or Range Rover comfort from a Dacia Duster!

Ultimately, you get what you pay for so choosing a medium to high quality plastic sheet is the best course of action. You do not need to break your budget to purchase quality plastic roof panels, with options like Twin wall polycarbonate it is possible to complete your project and not compromise on quality.

Have the budget to choose the best quality option? Investing in a top-grade roof sheet material is what you should do. Why? A stronger long-lasting plastic sheeting will save you money in the long run.

Consider that related plastic sheet types can often use the same fixing and flashings so upgrading will only increase the cost of the sheeting itself.

When determining the cost of a roofing project you should calculate two figures: 1. Initial Purchase Cost, 2. Annual Cost.

Initial Purchase Cost = Labour Cost + Materials Cost
Annual Cost = Initial Purchase Cost/Estimate Life Expectancy

For example, if we run a scenario when there is a choice between PVC Roofing Sheets and Corrapol Stormproof Corrugated Sheets for a 6x4m lean-to roof the Stormproof would prove more cost effective.

Material Type Total Cost Labour Cost Estimated Lifespan Annual Cost
PVC Plastic £710.05 Add if using Trades 5 years £142.01 per year
Corrapol Stormproof Plastic £1,076.05 Add if using Trades 20 Years £53.80 Per Year


This example includes the optimum flashings and accessories, however, these can be removed for lower budget projects. Also, it excludes any accounting for repair and future replacement costs which a typically higher on shorter lifespan products.

Important Point: If you are using Trades, for similar roofing materials the installation is always a fixed cost and usually a substantial proportion of the overall cost. This means that a material upgrade may actually only cost a small percentage more of the overall project cost. Additionally, any replacements done in the future will have that full labour cost again.

What are the cheapest plastic roofing sheets?

The cheapest plastic roofing sheets available are:

Flat Plastic: Axiome 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated Plastic: Corrapol PVC Sheet

These are the cheapest choices but if you want the best plastic roofing sheets then the top options would be: Corrapol Stormproof Corrugated Plastic, 16mm Plastic Roof Sheets or 6mm Solid Plastic Sheets.

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