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Yes, Aluminium Gutters are the best type of guttering you can buy, because they are strong and don’t break or fade like PVC gutters. If you choose the right type you can get an aluminium gutter with a 60-Year Estimated Lifespan.

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But hang on a minute, does that not mean they are expensive? – well, actually no, aluminium gutters are not expensive. Be sure to choose an aluminium gutter that is almost as low cost as PVC Gutter and you’ll not pay much more… and have the peace of mind that your gutters will last.

A good aluminium gutter system will be much stronger than plastic for things like snow loading and general weather impact too. It’s a really important point when choosing which aluminium gutter to use and we recommend using aluminium guttering that is tested for up to 50kg loads.

It’s important to bear in mind also that the cost of installation including labour and access equipment is the same price regardless of the type of guttering. So, you may as well install a gutter that is going to last and do the job only once.

On top of all these benefits, Aluminium Guttering is highly sustainable. Aluminium is a naturally abundant element within the Earth’s surface so it is readily available in huge quantities. However, what is even better is that Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable with no additional processing, making aluminium guttering the best sustainable guttering option.

How Can You Tell if an Aluminium Gutter is Good Quality? – Answer: Get a FREE Sample.

That’s a great question… Not all Aluminium Gutter Systems are the same. So you will want to check the following in particular.

  1. Does the Aluminium Gutter feel strong?
  2. Is the Gutter Tested to 50kg/m?
  3. Do the Brackets work on a simple Rock N Lock® system?
  4. Are the Brackets hidden to the back only of the gutter?

And many more questions… so how can you tell?

Our advice is…  If you are in any doubt, then get an Aluminium Guttering Sample Pack Free.

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When choosing Aluminium  Guttering you’re making a great investment that will save you a lot of money in the long run and also potentially help increase the value of your property.

A few additional notes on Aluminium Gutter:

If you are investing in aluminium gutter then be sure to choose aluminium guttering that has concealed brackets so your quality gutter project looks great and is not spoilt but unsightly gutter brackets.

You want the front surface of the gutter to look perfectly smooth without gutter brackets showing every 500-600mm… gutter brackets should be hidden.

We’re seeing a significant and continuously increasing shift with more and more people stopping installing plastic gutters, and shifting across to the more sustainable, longer-lasting and robust Aluminium Guttering and Downpipe systems… why wouldn’t they? – it’s a complete common-sense decision that we all should be taking.

You have to question whether plastic guttering with all its weaknesses and failings will still have any use in the future… perhaps it still makes sense for a very low-value and short-term project, but it’s clear that the future for guttering is definitely in aluminium.

Our Conclusion:

When comparing different types of gutters we have found that aluminium gutters are far better than any other type of guttering. Plastic Gutters don't last as they fade and break. Cast Iron Gutters rust and need constant maintenance. Aluminium Gutter such as Aluflow are affordable, sustainable and have the longest life span. Since the launch of Aluflow it really is a no brainer when choosing guttering to choose aluminium gutters. 

Watch the Aluflow Guttering Launch Video.

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Hello Emma,
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Hello Mr Peter Kelly, our Aluflow Aluminium Guttering is powder coated for a long lasting and durable finish. There are a range of standard gutter colours including Black, grey and white. We also have an option to bespoke colour to any RAL colour to provide any gutter colour you require!

Emma Montgomery

Emma Montgomery

Hi I would like to thank you very much for the free sample of your aluminium guttering sample, again thanks so much.
Kindest Regards
Emma Montgomery.

peter kelly

peter kelly

Are the Aluminium gutters Hard Anodised or just sulphuric anodise which is just a cosmetic finish. Or do they come in as bare metal, if so does that mean we have to paint them.

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