Click our Corramet Corrugated Roofing Technical Guide above to learn all about the Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheets and the technical details.

The Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheet Kit Range is easy to install on a range of roof types as they are designed to work with all our corrugated fixings and flashings. This means a homeowner with just a little DIY experience and some basic tools can install Corramet sheets with ease!

Due to the simple installation process, these corrugated sheets are great for applications like garage roof replacements, stable roofs and garden shed roofs. As well as commercial applications such as barn roofs or shelters.

Manufactured in lengths up to 4 metres long, the Corramet sheets offer an unbeatable roofing sheet option where you are looking for a solid colour roof. The longer lengths has the added benefits of removing the need for as many overlaps which saves you time and money! Less overlaps also means less chance for leaks if a sheet is loose. 

Unlike corrugated metal sheets which can be hard to install, this modern type of roof sheeting is no hassle. Plus with fast delivery you can get installing your roof without any delay.

Learn how to fit corrugated roof sheets on our step-by-step installation instructions.

Prefer watching videos rather than reading? Check out how to do a range of common installation steps with our How to video series. Covering frequently asked questions such as "How to fix corrugated roofing" and "How to cut corrugated roofing" these short videos are a great help when you are mid project or starting to build your roof. 

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