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PVC wall cladding sheets are a great material for a wide ranges of applications due to their durability and ease of installation. Common projects include PVC wall cladding for bathrooms, for hospitals and for prisons!

How to fit PVC wall cladding?

When fitting PVC wall cladding there are four main accessories you should use:

How to install PVC wall cladding?

In most applications, PVC wall cladding sheets should be fixed to plywood or plasterboard backing boards with an suitable adhesive. By using an adhesive they have be easily install without having to use screws or nails which look messy and damage the waterproofing effectiveness of the PVC cladding.

It is also possible to fix cladding sheets directly onto existing tiles, however, it is essential that the tiles are grease free and clean from dirt. Alternatively, if the surface of the existing tiles is scratched or scored that can give a good grip strength to secure the sheets to the wall.


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