Snapa Wall Glazing Bar

The NEW Snapa Wall Glazing Bar

At long last, a proper snap down wall glazing bar!

Our R&D team are pleased to release the all-new Snapa Wall Glazing Bar, a game-changer polycarbonate glazing bar for use when you are abutting to a side wall! 

This is the world’s first snap-fix wall bar that is truly easy to install, with its simple two-part design removing the previous hassle of having to work with a fiddly inadequate trim or flashing.

We manufacture the Snapa Wall Bar with Co-Extruded Gaskets which have the combined benefits of reducing the hassle of having to fit traditional roof glazing bar gaskets on-site and improving the waterproof seal on the roofing sheets.

Matching the smart modern style of our Snapa® Lean to Glazing Bars and Snapa Gable Bars, the Snapa Wall Bar is designed to maintain an atheistically consistent look to give every roofing project a professional finish.

As with all our Snapa Glazing Bars in the range, the snap fix installation of the new Snapa Wall Bar makes the installation rapid and very easy, with a simple snap down mechanism to secure your polycarbonate roofing sheets.

This new polycarbonate glazing bar works great with a wide range of thicknesses in our Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate sheeting range, including our most popular 16mm and 10mm thicknesses and more! The neutral white colour of Snapa Glazing bars makes them ideal for installation with our Opal (milky white) Axiome sheets and Clear Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets to create an impressive bright and modern appearance.

With each bar purchased you will receive one Snapa Bar End Cap to finish off the end of the bar and you can purchase additional ones here - Snapa Snap Fix Glazing Bar End Cap

 Why do I need to use a snap down Snapa Wall Glazing Bar?

The Snapa Wall Glazing Bar is a very important part of creating a long lasting waterproof roof. By installing a Snapa Wall Glazing Bar you create a clean and flat surface for you to flash over and seal against your side wall saving the hassle and complication of cutting in lead and risking leaks.

Once installed, the Snapa Wall Bar ensures extra waterproofing and protection against leaks, which reduces drips running down the side of your wall and protects your frame from weathering.

Overall, the Snapa Wall Bar increases the life span of your roof by protecting your timber frame from the elements and reducing the amount of moisture it is in contact with.

How do I seal the Snapa Wall Bar against my side wall?

This depends on your wall as the roughness, type and quality of the wall can vary which means that specific way for your application. In general, there are two methods that installers prefer:

  1. Flashing over - Simply flash over the side flashing part of the Snapa Wall Bar with a flashing tape like our Securbond Flashing Tape. These usually come in 10metre rolls so are quite economical and you can mostly do a project with just one roll!
  2. Sealing against - This tends to be used when you have a smoother wall because it needs to be fairly flush. You seal the back of the Snapa Wall Bar upstand flashing with sealant and then once secure run across the top lip of the upstand with more sealant to protect against leakage. Remember to ensure you are using a compatible sealant that will work with your wall type and material.

What do you need to build a pergola or ridged roof with Snapa Glazing Bars?

Below is a simple exploded graphic that shows you exactly what goes where on a Snapa® Lean To or Pergola Roof!

Product Where it is used, and why?
Snapa Glazing Bar To join the Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets together
Snapa Gable Bar To secure the Axiome Sheets on the two outside rafters.
Snapa Wall Bar To secure the Axiome Sheets where you outside rafters abut to a side wall
Snapa Drip Trim / Alukap-XR End Stop To close off the end of the sheets and ensure water drops into your gutter or garden. Drip Trim is the economical PVC option and End Stop the stronger Aluminium Version
Top Wall Flashing To create a secure flashing against the top/back wall and ensure all drips and rain flow downs your roof, not down the wall!
Securbond Flashing To Flash off the top/back wall onto the top Wall Flashing


Or if you are creating a Ridged or Apex Roof here is all the Snapa Glazing bar components that you will need!

 All Items from the Lean-To list above, minus Top Wall Flashing, plus:

 Product Where it is used, and why?
Snapa Super Ridge To secure the ridge and cover providing waterproofing.
Snapa Super Ridge End Cap To nicely finish the end of the Super Ridge. A Striking Profile to character to your roof!



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