How to Install Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Tape

How to seal polycarbonate sheets?

When installing polycarbonate roof sheets, like Axiome Twinwall Polycarbonate sheets, it is sometimes beneficial to install polycarbonate sheet tape to seal the sheet edges.

Multiwall and Twinwall Polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with a structured design that runs down a sheet so at each end (the width of a sheet) the structure is exposed, leaving open flutes, like a honeycomb. The benefit of installing a polycarbonate sheet tape is simply to add an anti-dust barrier to your polycarbonate sheets and help prevent physical debris, such as bugs and dirt going up the flutes. The job of stopping the majority of dirt etc is mainly dependent on installing an End Stop Bar, or PVC Drip Trim, over the end of your sheets and so installing tape does not remove the need for a quality sheet closure.

Over time, Polycarbonate Sheet tapes have been called many different names, such as Anti Dust Tape, Filter Tape or Breather tape (to name a few!) so it can often be confusing to understand which are and aren’t required.

All these different names are for different variations of tapes where previously you would have had to install multiple tapes on a roofing project, for example, breather Tape and Aluminium Foil Tape. Installing multiple roofing sheet tapes is an unnecessary hassle. The good news is that most modern polycarbonate Sheet Tapes are now all-in-one so they achieve multiple jobs, removing the need to install multiple separate tapes.

So, do I need to install polycarbonate sheet tape then? The installation of Anti Dust Tape is optional, but sometimes beneficial, on a roof installation, however, when done the correct steps are followed:

How to Install Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Tape - Steps:

  1. Safety First – Always wear the appropriate PPE equipment
  2. All adhesives suffer reduced initial bonding strength in cold conditions so avoid applying tape below 5c. Also best installed in dry conditions.
  3. Choose the correct tape size to match the thickness of your Axiome Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet
  4. Peel back the protective film approx. 50mm on both sides of the sheet, at the end where you are installing the tape
  5. Ensure the surface is clean and dry and then slowly stick the tape to the first edge, working from one side to the other
  6. Once at the other side of the roofing sheet, trim the tape off with a knife or scissors, allowing approximately 25mm extra for sealing around the side
  7. Fold the tape over the edge face of the Polycarbonate sheet and then stick it down onto the other side. Again this is best done working across from one side to the other.
  8. Once adhered all the way along, carefully seal the tape around the corners, either end.
  9. If you need to join two pieces of tape mid-panel then ensure there is a minimum overlap of 25mm between the two.
  10. Finally, install an End Stop Bar (or Drip Trim) over the tape to complete. Please view our How to Install Alukap-XR End Stop Bar Guide for full instructions.

Common Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Tape questions:

What thickness polycarbonate sheets should you install Tape on?

We manufacture Polycarbonate sheet tape to suit 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm polycarbonate sheets. To view the correct size tape for each roofing sheet thickness, follow the links below:

What tape should you use when installing 4 or 6mm twinwall polycarbonate sheets?

It is only recommended to use 10mm or thicker sheets for roofing applications, due to strength and spanning capabilities. This means we don’t manufacture a tape option for the thinner 4mm and 6mm polycarbonate sheets which are primarily used for greenhouse, cold frames and temporary glazing.

Do you always have to install Roofing sheet tape?

No! Installing Polycarbonate sheet tape, or Filter Tape/ Breather Tape/Anti Dust Tape, is completely optional. Many installers prefer not to use the Polycarbonate Sheet Tape nowadays as by correctly sealing your Endstop Bar you should be able to get the perfect seal required. The tapes are merely an anti-dust barrier.

View our How to Install End Stop Bar Guide to learn how to correctly instal the End Stop bar onto Multiwall and Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

Does installing Polycarbonate sheet tape reduce condensation?

No, installing polycarbonate sheet tape doesn’t reduce the risk of condensation. In some cases installing Polycarbonate Tape can exacerbate condensation possibilities if the Endstop Bar is not sealed correctly!

Is Anti Dust Tape required for Solid Polycarbonate Sheets?

No, tape isn’t required for solid polycarbonate or solid glazing sheets because they don’t have the same structured design as Multiwall sheets so have no open flutes to cover. The fact they are solid is one key benefit of sheets like Axgard Solid Glazing sheets

Do I still need to install a Sheet End Cap or End Stop after installing Anti Dust Tape?

Yes! Installing Polycarbonate Anti Dust Tape doesn’t remove the need for install a sheet End Stop bar onto your polycarbonate sheets. The End Stop Bar is more important than the tape and a mandatory item when building a roof!

Please view our How to Install Alukap-XR End Stop Bar Guide for full instructions.

Do i need different tapes for different types of Glazing bars?

You can use Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Tape whether you are using Self Supporting Glazing Bars, Aluminium Rafter Glazing Bars or Budget Snap Fix Rafter Bars.


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