What is MyClearAmber Order Tracking?

MyClearAmber is an end-to-end order tracking system which helps our Trade customers to get rapid responses at every stage of the Order journey from our Production Teams through to our Despatch Teams and then our Distribution Teams. As a globally-leading communication tool, MyClearAmber was developed by Clear Amber’s own inhouse systems developers and it connects Customers to their orders at every stage from the moment you place an order through to delivery and beyond.

Not got your MyClearAmber Order Link?

Please firstly check your emails and spam folders for an email from noreply@myclearamber.com. If you still do not have a link, please live chat with our Team or contact us with your Order Reference and Postcode and our team will send your unique MyClearAmber order link directly.

What are the benefits of using MyClearAmber?

There are many benefits to MyClearAmber, however one of the key benefits is that every order has its own live chat function which is unique to that order, meaning when you chat our Teams already know who you are and what order and products you are referring to instantly when you chat! You can see the full end-to-end manufacturing journey of six stages with animated indicators of which stage your order is at. In addition, with MyClearAmber you get the opportunity to provide product feedback, and rate your experience, and more! We love to hear of ways we can develop this further with greater enhancements and speed, so please let us know if there’s a way you feel we can improve any of our services further!

How long should a response take on MyClearAmber ?

MyClearAmber responses are very fast, and our Teams provide a live-chat-speed service during normal office hours. With MyClearAmber you can still send chat messages out of office hours and the Teams will get back to you very early the next weekday morning. Don’t take our word for it though, try it out for yourself when you get the link through on your next order!


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