The Best Plastic Mirrors

The Best Plastic Mirrors – 4 Things You Need to Know

Not all plastic mirrors are the same – some plastic mirrors break easily, some scratch, and some options give a distorted image. So, it’s important...
Best Roofing Materials for Garden Rooms

Best Roofing Materials for Garden Rooms

Discover the best roofing sheets or coverings for garden rooms. Learn how to add a roof light. Find out what type of guttering to use. And discover garden room ideas...

UK Tradesperson Index

UK Trade Index

Discover the highest paid trades and in what regions. Learn the most expensive DIY jobs done by a tradesman. See average costs to build a pergola, create a deck and more.
pvc versus stormproof corrugated plastic roofing guide

PVC versus Stormproof - Corrugated Plastic Guide

Installers love corrugated plastic roofing but what type is best? Learn which corrugated roofing sheets suit your project. Learn about UV protection...

What are Rafters and Purlins Blog

What are Rafters and Purlins?

Should install rafters or purlins on your roof? Get direct manufacturer advice. Which are best for roofing sheets? We discuss the pros & cons of roof rafters.
Plastic Versus Metal Guttering

Plastic Versus Metal Guttering

Is plastic guttering still the best? Learn why metal guttering could be the right choice for you. Compare plastic and aluminium gutter systems. Direct advice for the manufacturer...

What Is The Best Guttering To Use

What is the Best Guttering to Use?

The best guttering to use is Aluminium Guttering. Whilst the most common guttering is PVC Guttering, for price, quality and longevity, Aluminium Guttering is a better choice because...
Introducing Aluflow Guttering

Introducing Aluflow® Aluminium Guttering

Stronger more sustainable Guttering that’s affordable – Aluflow® Gutter System is the pinnacle. Choose this patented Aluminium Gutter for quality and durability on your project...
Corrugated Plastic Vs Corrugated Metal Blog

Corrugated Plastic Versus Corrugated Metal

Which Corrugated Roof Sheets should you use? Read expertise shared direct from the manufacturer. Learn the roofing sheet options with fast delivery. Avoid the risk of...
Are Aluminium Gutters Any Good - Sample Box

Are Aluminium Gutters Any Good? – Free Sample Pack

Are Aluminium Gutters are the best type of guttering? They are strong and don’t break or fade like PVC gutters. Plus they have a 60-year Estimated Lifespan! Learn more about aluminium guttering...
Cheapest Plastic Roof Sheets Blog Image

What are the Cheapest Plastic Roofing Sheets?

Save on plastic roof sheets by learning the cheapest options. Is flat or corrugated plastic roofing sheeting best? Choose from a wide variety of cheap plastic roofing sheets.
4 Types of Plastic Sheets Blog

4 Types of Plastic Sheets

Are twin wall, solid or corrugated plastic sheets best? Learn the 4 types of plastic roof sheets and benefits of each. Plastic sheeting is incredibly versatile for home and commercial projects...

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