Why Bitumen Roof Sheets Break - How to Prevent

Bitumen roofing sheets are one of the most popular types of low-cost corrugated roof sheets. However, why is it that they sometimes break even before they get on the roof?

In this article we explain in three sections below why this happens and some suggestions on how you can avoid these problems.

  • Why Bitumen Roof Sheets Sometimes Break
  • 2 ways To Avoid Broken Bitumen Roof sheets
  • An Alternative Product Upgrade You May Wish To Consider

For many small to medium size projects such as shed roofs, garages, chicken coops, canopies, BBQ shelters etc. bitumen roofing sheets are the ideal solution providing a lightweight waterproof corrugated roofing sheet that will perform well for lightweight applications.

So, let’s drill into this challenge of bitumen sheets breaking and how to resolve it.

  • Why Bitumen Roof Sheets Sometimes Break

All corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are made from a compound of lightweight fibres which provide the rigidity and are impregnated with a bitumen resin which makes them waterproof.

Whilst this compound structure provides an excellent waterproof roofing sheet solution, the fibres are relatively lightweight and therefore vulnerable to damage from heavy impact.

In normal use, such heavy impact is unlikely, which is why the Bitumen Roofing sheets are still extremely popular in light to medium-duty applications.

However, most damages are likely to happen in two situations. Firstly, during delivery and secondly during storage and installation, which leads us on to our second point on the best ways to ensure you don’t get any damages.

  • 2 Ways To Avoid Broken Bitumen Roof Sheets

Did you know there are mostly two reasons for bitumen roof sheets getting broken and they are closely related?

If the corrugated sheets are not packaged correctly then the sheets are going to be far more vulnerable during delivery and installation.

Packaging for Bitumen Roof Sheets:

The packaging used for the delivery of your bitumen roofing sheets is critical. Some companies use inadequate packaging protection, or none at all, which leaves the sheets vulnerable to damage. Even the best drivers won’t avoid every knock and drop, so it’s really critical to order from a company that uses high-quality packaging protection, that provides a good level of impact resistance so that the roofing sheets arrive in perfect condition.

Delivery Methods for Bitumen Roof Sheets:

Make sure you choose a company that has their own dedicated vehicles and drivers. Many companies will use carriers to deliver goods, however, this comes with the added challenge of the fact that the goods are mostly mixed along with a lot of other conflicting freight, which in turn damages your corrugated bitumen roof sheets.

Bitumen Roof Sheets need to be delivered on a dedicated vehicle carrying similar products. We all know that carrier drivers are usually overloaded with so many deliveries to do that they lose interest in doing any of the right. With a dedicated delivery service delivering the same type of products, the drivers are generally doing far fewer deliveries in a day.

Delivering the same type of products means the drivers are trained and used to how to handle the products carefully. With fewer deliveries to do per day, the drivers have a little extra time to take care and interest in each and every delivery.

Careful Installation of Bitumen Roof Sheets:

If the bitumen sheets are not well packaged, then it’s harder to prepare for installation. With well-packaged roofing sheets, you can open one pack at a time, and carefully remove one sheet for installation at a time.

Care should be taken to handle the sheets as fragile while they are being placed onto the roof and secured. The rest of the sheets are left in the packs kept protected from damage while you install each one.

As a further recommendation, using a Corrapol® Rock N Lock Edge Flashing will also help protect your roofing sheets from the worst of the elements at the more vulnerable gable and wall ends.

  • An Alternative Product Upgrade You May Wish To Consider

You’re probably wondering, are there any alternative corrugated roof sheets that are stronger? The great news is there is another option for stronger corrugated roofing sheets.

For longer-term and heavier-duty projects you can choose a heavy-duty corrugated roofing sheet such as fibre reinforced resin sheet.

These heavy-duty corrugated sheets come in the same four colours so you can choose from black, red, brown and green colour options to suit your project. They are also compatible with the same Rock N Lock® gable and wall flashing systems, as well as the Corrugated Super Ridge and fixing systems.

Heavy-duty corrugated roofing sheets are more expensive, however when you consider the overall project costs it’s not a huge amount extra as a percentage of the total cost. You also have greater peace of mind that the sheets will last longer.

Another advantage of the heavy-duty roofing sheet is that it will tend to be more rigid and provide greater protection from wind and snow loadings.



Corrugated Bitumen Roofing sheets are an excellent solution and are still one of the most popular roofing sheets available, for medium-term projects.

Just be very careful to buy them from a company that uses quality protective packaging and that also delivers on their own dedicated delivery vehicles and delivery team. – Both points are critical.

For longer-term projects, the same points are important, however, the greater peace of mind provided with a heavy-duty roofing sheet is worth considering. It won’t cost too much more on the overall project but will provide a better and longer-term overall solution.


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