Alupave Aluminium Decking Gutter System

With the popularity of decking at an all-time high, many homeowners are looking for higher quality longer-lasting alternatives to timber decking or composite decking. Both of which can crack and weather badly. Aluminium decking provides the answer.

If you are investing in a decking board that will last over 30 years, then you also want your subframe or joists to last as long. The key to this is protecting your subframe from rain and weather, but how?

By using a full-seal aluminium decking board. Like Alupave®.

Alupave non-combustible decking is designed with a patented inbuilt drainage system that helps protect the crucial structural elements, the subframe and decking joists below. Water drains through the boards, around the gutter systems and to a single exit point.

Naturally, this ensures a longer decking lifespan and moisture protection; however, these are only two of a host of benefits the patented Alupave system provides.

Read on to learn about the Alupave full seal gutter system for decking and understand why you should use it on your next deck.

Top Features of the Patented Alupave® Decking Board

Fully Sealed and Positive Drainage
Decking Gutter Connectors for Shapes
Neat and Easy Installation
Endstop Bars to Control Drainage
Stylish Gutter End Caps

Fully Sealed and Positive Drain Decking

The patented Alupave Deck gutter system is fully integrated and fully sealed. As the first of its kind, Alupave decking offers a positive drainage solution that means installers can channel all water to a single exit location. This helps simplify drainage and provides the ability to tie into existing drainage on site. For example, ground drains or roof guttering.

If you are looking for non-combustible decking board options, then this drainage integration is likely to be a significant decision-maker for you. Suitable for a wide range of applications, Alupave aluminium deck boards are popular for use on balconies, terraces and walkways – just to name a few!

Whether you have an existing aluminium decking frame or are installing it onto existing steel beams, Alupave will work for your project.

Aluminium Decking Project

Decking Gutter Connectors for Shapes

Sadly, the majority of positive drain decking systems, other than Alupave, are limited to plain rectangle shapes and front drainage. This majorly limits the installation cases and provides limited full seal benefits.

On the other hand, with Alupave Aluminium Deck Boards there are gutter connectors for every direction! Whether you have a longer run of decking or an external or internal corner, there is a connector to suit.

Neat and Easy Decking Installation

With the Alupave internal or external connectors you can easily create a mitre corner for a neat finish. What’s more, the connectors are all hidden so are kept out of sight and out of mind. Use the external corners to direct drainage away from the front of your deck. This gives the deck a neat and seamless look.

When you are building a longer run of decking you can use our simple straight connectors. Two adjacent gutters are connected on the inside to make a seamless exterior appearance.

All gutter connectors for Alupave are simple to fit with a straightforward push fit. To install simply apply a little silicone to seal and push into place. It couldn’t be any easier.

Endstop Bars to Control Drainage

Alupave Endstop Bars play a crucial part in the decking system by sealing the non-draining end of the deck.

If your decking is up against a house, then usually the non-draining end would be against the wall. This is where the Decking End Stop Bar plays its part. Not only will it seal that end but also create a straight edge along the wall.

Manufactured with the iconic Alupave® style, the end stop bars also help keep a consistent aesthetic and clean visual at the back of a deck. They can also be used on sides where there is less room to install.

Are decking end stop bars essential for all decks? Absolutely! Without a decking endstop bar, all your water risks draining the wrong way, even if you have a suitable slope on your deck.

To install simply seal with a bead of silicone along the inside edge of the endstop and slot over the end of the decking boards, or vice versa. You may need the help of a rubber mallet, depending on the lengths involved.

Alupave Aluminium Decking and Roofing Example Exploded Project Graphic

Stylish Gutter End Caps

The final piece in the puzzle, Decking End caps are the other crucial piece for controlling the water drainage direction.

The Alupave Gutter End Caps are manufactured in left-hand and right-hand options for either side and in all the usual matching colours. In most instances, you would have one end of the gutter open as the outlet. However, you can also seal both ends and cut an outlet in the gutter base to tie in with existing drainage infrastructure.

Alongside their functional purpose, Decking Gutter End Caps also play a big visual role by covering the gutter ends neatly. Simply slot them into place with a small bit of silicone to cap off the gutter end.

What Parts Will I Need for Aluminium Decking?

The main parts you will need to build an aluminium deck are:

  • Decking Boards
  • Decking Gutter
  • Endstop Bar
  • Gutter End Caps
  • Gutter Connectors (shape dependent)

See the image below to identify which parts go where on a standard aluminium deck. The subframe or joists depends on your installation set up but the good news is that Alupave works with any type of subframe.

Alupave Aluminium Decking Gutter System

All working together to create the Alupave full-seal decking system.

How to Get a Price for Aluminium Decking Boards?

Firstly, measure up your deck dimensions and area. Then to get a price you can use a decking calculator or manually divide the area by the decking board coverage.

You can buy Aluminium Decking direct from the manufacturers here at Clear Amber Shop. If you need any help with building out a full project quote please just reach out to our team via live chat.

Get in touch with your Decking Enquiry today!

What Colours is Aluminium Decking Available in?

Alupave aluminium decking is available in grey, mill or sand as standard but also in any bespoke colour. If none of the standard colours suit simply pick a RAL colour and we’ll manufacture your decking boards to that colour for you.

Using a bespoke colour is the perfect way to match into other garden structures. For example, if you are building a lean to with self supporting glazing bars and polycarbonate sheets.

The most popular colour for aluminium decking boards by far is anthracite grey. This is because darker colours tend to work best for decking as they clean up smarter and unlike light colours can easily match into multiple colour schemes.

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