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Considering buying corrugated metal roofing sheets? It is no surprise if you are as traditionally corrugated metal was one of the most popular roofing sheet types, first beginning back to the 1820s. However, with the improvement of modern materials and easier installation methods, there are a lot better roofing sheet options to consider.

As the manufacturer of one of the widest ranges of corrugated sheets, we have experimented with a lot (and I mean a lot!) of different material types over the years to get find the easiest and best corrugated sheet for installers. We’ve found that there is no perfect corrugated sheet for every solution as it depends on your roof type but with the release of completely new corrugated materials there are some that are very close to perfect.

Older options like corrugated metal sheets have their problems, such as rusting and excessive noise, so in our experience here are the best alternatives to consider:

Best Corrugated Metal Sheet Alternatives

Corramet® Corrugated Sheets

Premium Bitumen Roof Sheets

Corrugated Cement Sheet

Click the above to skip down to each alternative option for corrugated metal. Before we discuss these in detail let’s delve into why you may want to consider alternatives for corrugated metal before installing these sheets.

Disadvantages of Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

There’s no denying, metal roofing sheets are a common roofing option for home and commercial projects. Primarily used for their strength and agricultural style they offer good durability in the short term. However, there are some significant downsides to consider before using corrugated metal roofing sheets on your roof.

6 Disadvantages of Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

  1. Excessive Noise
  2. Dent and Buckle Easily
  3. Expensive and slow delivery
  4. Rust and Corrosion (especially near water)
  5. Industrial appearance
  6. Overall Cost

Corrugated Metal is Noisy!

Corrugated metal is poor at absorbing sound and particularly on thin metal roofing sheets. A corrugated metal roof can generate a lot of noise when it is raining, even if insulated below. Most garage, shed and outbuilding roofs don’t have large amounts of insulation so inside it can be unbearable.

This is a major deciding factor to think about if you are expecting to be using the space below the roof in

Imagine throwing a small stone at an old metal garage door and the noise it makes. Now picture the same on a whole metal roofing this is several millimetres thinner – the noise is excessive. Most people don’t realise this until it is installed and too late.

Metal Sheets Dent Easily

Corrugated metal sheets are popular for their perceived strength and robustness, however at only 0.5m or 0.7mm thick are they as strong as made out? I wondered about this so tried a hammer drop test on them… it left me disappointed.

Corrugated metal sheets do not shatter but they significantly dent, buckle and split. This is a concern if you are installing them outdoors where there is garden debris, even such as small branches, falling and blowing constantly.

To watch a hammer test on a stronger corrugated sheet that doesn’t dent view this video. A significant difference in long-term durability.

Delivery Options are Expensive and Slow

Unfortunately, delivery of metal corrugated roofing sheets is slow and expensive. Orders below £500 are charged nearly £200 which makes it completely uneconomical for smaller projects.

For larger projects, the best options are still approx. £100 delivery which is triple the cost of ordering other corrugated sheets. In addition, these costs are only for common delivery areas with some areas, for example, Scotland, costing over £350 for delivery of corrugated sheet metal.

If you are looking to start your roofing build soon then you need to rule corrugated metal sheets out. Even the fastest delivery options are 7-10 working days to central UK areas which is much longer than all other options. Some areas are up to 15 working days, which is 3 weeks!

The most popular corrugated options are only 1-2 working days for even the longest 4 metre Corramet® sheets!

Corrugated Metal Can Rust and Corrode

No matter the type of metal used, corrugated metal sheets carry the inherent risk of rusting and corroding. This is why installers often chose non-corrosive sheets like corrugated plastic options for better longevity.

The risk of rusting on corrugated metal increases substantially in wetter regions and countries, like the United Kingdom. With most parts of the country experiencing consistently high rainfall. Rusting issues are even more exacerbated in coastal locations such as on beachfront properties. The highly corrosive nature of seawater can have an immediate on metal roofing sheets.

Some manufacturers offer coated steel roofing sheets which can help reduce issues, but you can never eliminate rusting on the ends of sheets or at the fixing holes.

A Basic Industrial Appearance

Corrugated Metal sheets come in various profile options, but all create the same industrial look. For commercial applications, like farms, this can suit but for a lot of residential applications the style can look quite basic or agricultural.

Particularly the plain or galvanised sheets have a very industrial ‘plain’ metal style which can look quite primitive when installed. This is fine if you are happy with such a look but for a similar cost you can get superior sheets.

Metal Sheets have a High Overall Cost

A basic metal sheet cost is expensive compared to other corrugated choices and this is even without all the extras required to install.

Before choosing your roofing sheet type it is recommended to calculate your overall project cost, including delivery, fixings and flashings. The cost of a roofing sheet on its own gives you a feel but is not really a true representation of the total cost for the installation.

As already discussed, Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets incur high delivery costs ranging from £100 to £400, depending on your location and order value. This makes them an uneconomical option for smaller and medium projects where you will end up spending a big percentage of your overall cost just to get the materials to your door.

For medium and large orders, a good percentage of your cost will be the fixing and flashings to complete installation professionally. Never think you will save money by not using flashings, these are essential for a long-lasting installation on all types of corrugated sheets. However, one area you can save is by purchasing a sheet that comes with fixings included like Corramet® Sheeting.

Best Corrugated Metal Sheet Alternatives

Corramet® Corrugated Sheets

Corramet Roofing sheets are an excellent alternative to corrugated sheet metal that should be considered. With no risk of rusting or denting these corrugated sheets offer a robust option that is also durable.

With fixings included with every sheet purchased, Corramet Sheets are cost-effective for homeowners and trades on any project size. Delivery is fast and low cost at less than £30 compared to the pricey £100+ corrugated metal options. This rapid delivery is also available for longer lengths up to 4 metres which means you can start your project without delay.

To learn more about the benefits of Corramet check out the full overview video which shows all the advantages.

Advantages of Corramet® Roofing Sheets

  • Comes with Fixing Included
  • Available in longer lengths
  • Low cost and Fast delivery (even long lengths)
  • Compatible with Rock N Lock Flashings

Disadvantages of Corramet® Roofing Sheets

  • Not as low cost as Awnapol Bitumen Sheets

Premium Bitumen Roof Sheets

Premium corrugated bitumen sheets are a low-cost alternative to corrugated metal options. Cheaper than steel roof sheets, they are excellent for smaller projects where you have a lower budget. Compatible with a wide range of accessories, like the patented Rock N Lock Flashings, when installed these sheets have a good lifespan.

They are substantially lighter than metal sheets which also makes them easier to handle for DIYers. This is a big advantage if you are installing your roof on your own or with a friend.

Alongside Awnapol Premium bitumen sheets there are also cheaper options in the bitumen roof sheet range that are lower cost but less robust. They are best used for small projects like covering a small chicken coop as they are not as thick as premium options.

Are bitumen roof sheets better than Corramet® sheets? They offer a more cost-effective option for smaller projects but aren’t as strong. View our full comparison video to find out whether the Corramet or bitumen sheets are best for you.

Advantages of Bitumen Roof Sheets

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to cut and fix
  • Lightweight for easy installation and handling
  • Rapid delivery

Disadvantages of Bitumen Roof Sheets

  • Limited spanning in low-pitch scenarios
  • Not as durable as Corramet

Corrugated Cement Sheet

If you are roofing an agricultural barn or similar, then fibre cement corrugated sheets are a good alternative to consider. They provide a resilient option that is non-corrosive, unlike steel roofing sheets.

Without a doubt, cement roofing sheets provide a ‘no frills' option for industrial applications. They are, however, by no stretch of the imagination aesthetically pleasing and create a very plain roof style.

Advantages of Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets

  • More Soundproof than metal
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low maintenance in agricultural settings

Disadvantages of Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets

  • Very industrial style
  • No colour options
  • Hard to cut to size
  • Very heavy compared to other options

What is the best alternative to Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets?

Corramet corrugated roofing sheets offer the strongest alternative to corrugated metal roofing sheets. They offer a faster and cheaper delivery process, are easier to install and once installed provide a great long-lasting solution.

Unlike corrugated metal, which has noise and denting problems over time, using Corramet® on your roof will give you peace of mind knowing you have installed a durable roofing solution.


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