4 Benefits of Opal Polycarbonate

Opal Polycarbonate Sheet is the 2nd most popular colour after Clear Polycarbonate. Unlike Clear Polycarbonate which has a glass-like transparency, Opal coloured Polycarbonate has a white tint. So, what projects is it better to use Opal rather than Clear for? 

Below we set out the benefits of Opal Polycarbonate which will help you decide when it’s better to use Opal Roofing Polycarbonate rather than Clear or Bronze Tint.

We also have another article on the 3 Benefits of Bronze Polycarbonate which may also be of interest to compare.                   .

Here are the 4 Benefits of Opal Polycarbonate:

  1. Opal Coloured Polycarbonate Reduces Heat Build-up.
  2. The Opal Polycarbonate Option Provides Privacy
  3. Opal Tint Matches With White Colour Glazing Bars
  4. Opal Polycarbonate Obscures Any Dirt That May Fall on The Roof

Opal Coloured Polycarbonate Reduces Heat Build-Up

When you want natural daylight in a building you will want to use a transparent or translucent roofing sheet, but sometimes this natural light brings an unexpected challenge. Solar energy from the sunlight can increase the room temperature too much.

This is where choosing Opal Tint Roofing can significantly reduce the heat build-up. However, let’s explain why we get this heat build-up in the first place and how choosing Opal polycarbonate sheets can help significantly reduce heat build-up.

Light is made up of waves with a wide range of different wavelengths. The wavelength spectrum ranges from very short waves to very long waves.

For this explanation let’s say imagine there are three main wavelength types: Long Wavelength (Shown as Red Arrows in the diagram below) which includes heat, Medium Wavelength (Shown as Orange Arrows in the diagram below) which also includes heat but at a shorter wavelength, and then Short Wavelength (Shown as Blue Arrows in the diagram below) which includes Visible Light.

We have not considered very short wavelengths such as Ultra Violet light etc. However, it is well to note that these tend to get blocked to a greater degree by most glazing sheets.

As light from the Sun reaches the glazing sheets the Long Wavelength bounces back off the surface.

The Short Wavelength and Medium Wavelength light waves of the light enter the building through the glazing.

However, the Medium Wavelength waves (which include some heat) which have entered the building reach objects within the building, such as floors, walls, chairs, tables etc. It is absorbed by these objects within the building and is then re-emitted as Long Wavelength heatwaves.

Remember that these Long-Wavelength heatwaves cannot pass through the glazing and therefore when they are re-emitted back from the objects, they become trapped within the room below.

You may be now thinking, how do Opal Polycarbonate Sheets reduce this heat build-up? So, let’s explain.

One of the main benefits of Opal Polycarbonate is that the white-tinted colour reflects a far high band of wavelengths within the colours of the light spectrum. This means that a greater proportion of the energy from the Sun’s light spectrum (Medium Wavelength. shown as Orange Arrows in the diagram below) is reflected away from the building and a lower amount enters the building.

Opal is reckoned to reflect around 35% of the Sun’s solar energy which greatly reduces the heat build-up or greenhouse effect, whilst still allowing a good proportion of visible light to pass through. This gives the building the bright and airy feeling of natural light which reduces the level of heat build-up.

 Roof Glazing-How Opal Polycarbonate can help reduce Heat Build-up

The Opal Polycarbonate Option Provides Privacy

Another key benefit of Opal Polycarbonate roofing is that it provides a great level of privacy. Where a roof glazing project is on a ground floor and is overlooked by a neighbouring property with higher floors, sometimes you need to consider privacy.

An Opal Polycarbonate sheet allows light to pass through them, however, you cannot see through them. This means they are a great solution for glazing projects where natural daylight is required, but there is also a need for privacy from overlooking properties.

Even in a night-time setting, light from inside the property will be seen through the glazing structure from above, but other than shadows and vague shapes persons in property overlooking will not be able to see what is going on inside the building below the glazed structure.

There are also other tinted polycarbonate sheets such as bronze polycarbonate which can help increase privacy.

Opal Tint Matches With White Colour Glazing Bars

When choosing a glazing sheet it is worth considering the aesthetical impact of the glazing sheet colour. Solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets are available in the Opal colour option which works well with a white colour scheme.

If you have white glazing bars or white window frames, then choosing Opal tint polycarbonate means you will have a glazing sheet colour which will complement the adjacent or nearby frame colours.

Opal Polycarbonate Obscures Any Dirt That May Fall on The Roof

Whatever glazed roof or structure you create, you will find that dirt will tend to fall on and build up on the roof over time, and the roof will need to be cleaned from time to time.

Sometimes if you have a clear glazing sheet this small dirt build-up in areas can be unsightly. This challenge can be a greater issue if there are contributing factors such as overhanging trees, or higher slate or tile roof areas above the glazing which wash down onto the glazing sheets.

However, by choosing Opal Polycarbonate you can still get the benefits of the natural daylight coming into the roof, but the white tint tends to hide the visual impact of any dirt that builds up.

On a side note, having a steeper pitch can reduce natural dirt build-up as it will wash off easier in the rain. Generally speaking the steeper the pitch, the lower the amount of possible dirt build-up.

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