RapidKey Corrapol-BT Roof Calculator

1 What Type of Roof?
2 Your Roof Colour?
3 Choose Your Roof Size
4 Your Roof Component Kit

This amazing Roof Calculator will rapidly calculate a complete list of Components that most Trades Customers use. You can then edit the Component Kit List to suit your bespoke needs.

Let's Go... Choose your Roof Type:

Single Slope - Free Standing
Single Slope – Lean To Against Back Wall
Single Slope – Lean To Against Back and Side Wall
Apex – Free Standing
Apex – Lean To

Great choice! – This Style is super popular. Now let’s make it really easy and fast for you to get a full list of your components. Next please choose a Colour:

Great... Now choose your Colour:

Single Slope - Free Standing
Choose Sheet Colour:
B What Colour of Flashings?

Excellent – Now simply Type in your sizes for A and B below and the RapidKey® Roof Calculator will add a list of product to your basket as a suggestion of what you need.

PLEASE NOTE: You should always check and adjust the suggested quantities to suit your specific requirements.

Nearly there... Just Add Sizes:

Single Slope - Free Standing
Size A : Length along the front: (mm) Size of A? (mm)
Size B : Length of Slope: (mm) Size of B? (mm)
C Length of Slope: (mm)


Click our Corrapol®-BT Installation Guide above, on the left, to view our latest fitting instructions for installing your Corrapol-BT Bitumen corrugated sheets.

On the right, you can also view our Corrapol®-BT Technical Guide for all the technical details you may need about this product!

Available in Black, Green, Red or Brown, our Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets are an affordable option that are great for adding style to shed roofs, lean tos, garages and more!

With our unique patented accessories, like our Corrapol-BT Rock N Lock Gable Flashing and Corrapol-BT Top Wall Flashing, our Corrapol-BT Sheets are easy to install with little DIY experience so are great for home and garden installations.