3m & 4m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

Corrugated Roofing Sheets are commonly used for waterproofing Shed Roofs, Garages, Carports, Pergolas, Canopies and many other Outbuildings. However, there are many types of corrugated roofing sheet and it’s not always easy to get what you need.

One of the main problems is that many roofs have a 3m roof slope which requires 3m corrugated plastic roofing sheets, and yet many roof panels are only manufactured in 2m lengths. You get the same challenge with 4m corrugated roofing sheets for larger roofs.

Can I Overlap 2m Corrugated Roofing Sheets?

Yes, there is no problem overlapping 2m sheets end-to-end in a similar way as you would for side-to-side overlaps, however it takes longer to install, and also creates a potential for draughts or leaks in extreme weather.

So, whilst it is very common for 2m corrugated roofing sheets to be overlapped if you can get the correct length in one piece it is always much faster and easier to install. It also provides a far better-looking and more waterproof solution.

Why not use 3m or 4m Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets?

The trouble with corrugated metal roofing is that they are heavy, sharp on the edge and difficult to handle. People also find metal corrugated roof sheets hard to install and worst of all, they have a very long lead time.

Typically, they can take 3-5 weeks for delivery, so even if you don’t mind the dangers and challenges of corrugated metal roofing sheets, this long lead time is no good if you are like most people, and need a solution within a few days.  

What is wrong with 3m & 4m Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

Until recently 3m and 4m plastic corrugated roof sheets were not readily manufactured. But, wouldn’t it be so much easier for 3m and 4m roofs to have the right size sheet manufactured? – Yes, that’s exactly what we thought too. So, below we have listed four options which are manufactured in the lengths to suit these longer 3m and 4m roof types:

3m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

Here are three options for 3m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

4m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

Here are three options for 4m Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

*Opaque (opaque meaning: not able to be seen through).

15 Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Roof Sheets:

  1. Plastic Corrugated Roof Panels Won’t Rust
  2. Plastic Corrugated Roofing is Waterproof
  3. Corrugated Plastic Sheets are Easy to Fix
  4. Corrugated Sheets for Roofs come in Clear, Black or Green colours
  5. Clear Corrugated Roofing Lets in Natural Daylight
  6. Opaque Corrugated Roofing provides Shading and Privacy (*opaque: meaning: not able to be seen through).
  7. Corrugations on Plastic Corrugated Roofing Provide Rigidity and Spanning Strength,
  8. Plastic Corrugated Sheets are Easy to Install with Special Colour-Matching Screw Caps.
  9. Corrugated Roof Sheets No Available in 3m & 4m Lengths for Faster Installation on Larger Roofs
  10. Compatible Rock N Lock Gable and Side Wall Flashings for Corrugated Plastic Roof Sheets
  11. Matching Super Ridge for Easy Installations on Corrugated Plastic Roofing
  12. Very High Impact Strength Clear Corrugated Roof Sheet Options Available
  13. Highly Durable Plastic Opaque Corrugated Plastic Sheets Options Available
  14. Excellent spanning capabilities meaning fewer purlins required
  15. Fast Delivery – Plastic Corrugated Sheets Available in 1-3 days (Metal generally 2-5 weeks!)

Will I Hear Rain Noise on Corrugated Roof Sheets?

Another point to mention is that some people find that where they have used metal corrugated roofing it is too noisy in the rain.

All roofing will transmit some degree of sound from falling rain. Some people find the general noise of rain therapeutic as, after all, it is a sound of nature and the outdoors.

One advantage of plastic roof sheets is that they tend to make much less sound that corrugated metal roof sheets. Rain falling on corrugated metal roof sheets makes a loud ting-type noise which can make it very hard to hear, especially in a storm.

How Can I Reduce Rain Noise on Corrugated Roof Sheets?

Make sure you choose a corrugated Roof Sheet that has a consistent curve shape. Avoid Corrugated sheets that have flat or box-like structures. This is because falling rain hitting a flat surface will make a maximum impact and therefore noise.

If you use a consistently-curved corrugated roofing sheet then falling rain will land on a curved part wherever it falls. This will reduce the force and noise of the impact, and therefore reduce the noise transmitted through the corrugated sheeting.

What Are the Best Corrugated Roof Fixings to Use?

Some Corrugated Roofing Sheets now come with Fixings Included. However, you should try and make sure you use a screw fixing with a flexible cap.

The Screw fixing will allow greater control over how tight you want to fix it, and also the ability to easily remove the sheet if required. The flexible head provides greater waterproofing for corrugated plastic sheets. You can get colour-matching flexible screw fixings to match most coloured corrugated roof sheets.

Whatever your project is, you will find there is a plastic corrugated roof sheet manufactured which will meet your budget and will provide the needed qualities. Sometimes it’s a balance of upfront costs versus longevity. There’s something to be said for spending a bit more on long-lasting clear corrugated roofing when you install your project, knowing you have peace of mind that you won’t have an unexpected cost of replacing them at a later date.

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