How to install Roofing Sheet End Stop Bar

Installing a roofing sheet end cap or drip trim is the most crucial component on a polycarbonate roof to ensure proper waterproofing and maximum lifespan. Whether you are building a lean to pergola, conservatory or carport the installation of an End stop is a necessary step.

The Alukap-XR End Stop bar is a quality drip trim manufactured from aluminium which removes the risk of brittleness and lower lifespan of a traditional drip PVC trim.

Suited to a wide range of glazing type, the Alukap-XR End Stop is available in 6.4mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25m, 28mm and 35mm thicknesses meaning you can create a drip trim on your roof no matter the glazing type! However, it is designed primarily for install with Twinwall and Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets to create a waterproof-resistant seal on the opens ends of the sheets and stop moisture ingress.

Like the rest of our Alukap-XR Glazing Br Range, the powder coated colour process on the End Stop Bar ensures a vibrant colour over the life of the roof and paired with the corrosion-free aluminium creates a very durable finish.

The intuitive design of our End Stop makes it very easy to install for anyone with basic DIY skills or a Trades. Simply follow these steps below to cap off the ends of your roofing sheets and create a proper waterproof seal…

Equipment Required:

 How to install Roofing Sheet End Cap - Steps:

  1. Safety First – Always wear the correct PPE to avoid injury
  2. Pull the Axiome® Polycarbonate Sheet Protective film back partway, approx. 100mm, on both sides of your sheets. This allows for space to work without removing the full protection whilst installing.
  3. Apply the Alukap®-XR Anti-dust Filter Tape to the width of your sheets. Simply start one side of the panel end and unroll across the top edge of the sheet.
  4. Once reached the other side trim the Breather Tape off with the Stanley knife and wrap securely around the end and bottom side! (Note: If it is necessary to join the tape mid-panel, ensure that there is a minimum 25mm overlap.)
  5. Measure the width of your polycarbonate sheet. Then cut the Alukap®-XR Endstop Bar to the matching length using a Hack saw or Chop Saw.
  6. Push-fit the Endstop Bar on partway so the open bottom edge of the Endstop covers about 10-15mm of the roofing sheet
  7. Run a generous bead of the silicone along the top of Anti-dust Filter Tape and just next to the lip of the End Stop Bar. (Note: Compatible sealant = Securbond Low Modulus Neutral Cure (LMN) Silicone)
  8. Carefully push the Alukap®-XR Endstop Bar fully into place, so that the leading-edge slides over the bead of sealant. This creates a seal that helps prevent capillary action. (Note: Use a rubber mallet gently if your roofing sheets are a tighter fit)
  9. Wipe off any excess sealant with the wipes/rag
  10. Finally, position the Axiome® roofing sheets on the roof with enough overhang on the bottom edge for any water to run into the gutter. The amount of overhang depends on the pitch of your roof as sometimes none is require if your roof steeper or longer I requires if you have a shallow pitch.

What colour should my roofing sheet end caps be?

There are three colour options of End Stop Bar available:

White - For Clear Polycarbonate sheets and Opal Polycarbonate Sheets

Brown - For Clear Polycarbonate sheets and Bronze Polycarbonate Sheets

Bespoke Powder Coated - For any colour sheet. Adds a special colour to your project.

White is the most popular colour for Alukap-XR End Stop Bar because it can be used to match a variety of style roofs and sheet colours. Brown is commonly used for timber applications where there is a hardwood frame being used, for example on an orangery.

By far, the smartest option is our Bespoke Powder Coated Option where you can choose any RAL colour to match your glazing bars and End Caps to your existing house colours or add a new splash of colour!

Popular Bespoke RAL colours include 7016 - Anthracite Grey, 9017 - Traffic Black, 6021 - Chartwell Green & 9001 - Cream.

You can view the full range of RAL colours here.

Do Alukap-XR End Stop Bars work with glass?

Yes, Alukap-XR End Stop bars can also be used as a drip edge trim when installing glass. The most common End Stop Bar thicknesses used with glass are 6.4mm, 25mm and 28mm for single glazing and double glazing units.

If you are installing Axgard 6mm Clear Roofing Sheets you can also use the 6.4mm Alukap-XR End Stop Bar. Installers often use this combination on pergolas and garden gazebos.

What other fixtures and fittings do i need on my roof? 

There a three main Glazing Bar ranges for use with Polycarbonate Roofing:

Alukap-SS Self Supporting Glazing Bars - Fully Self supporting Aluminium Glazing Bars. No need for any timber on your roof. For maximum quality and lifespan.

Alukap-XR Rafter Supported Glazing Bars - Quality Aluminium Glazing Bars for where you have a rafter in place, wooden or steel or other.

Snapa PVC Snapa Fix Glazing Bars - The PVC Snap fix budget glazing bar.

For example, here is a lean to pergola roof built with our Alukap-XR Glazing Bars and Axiome Sheeting.

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