Corrapol Clear Corrugated Plastic, Corrapol-BT Bitumen and Corramet Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets provide a fast and simple single skin waterproof roof solution for many outbuildings such as sheds, carports, garages, BBQ shelters, covered walkways, canopies and much more. We manufacture three grades of Corrapol® sheets for different strength and transparency solutions. Our Corrapol®-BT Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets are available in four colours and the profile of the sheets matches the same profile as the Corrapol® corrugated clear roofing sheets, so you can choose to design a Corrapol®-BT Bitumen Roof with Corrapol® sheets making rooflights where ever you wish.

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    • We manufacture Corrapol® sheets in several lengths, for optimum yield, and they can be overlapped in length or width to suit any roof size! Our Corrapol® storm proof sheets provide the strongest option for the clear ranges, made from incredibly strong resin with a UV protection layer meaning they don’t fade or discolour some other plastic roof sheets.

      Whether it’s for a pack of fixings or pallet loads, when you place an order our digital systems transfer the information automatically across to the production process so there’s no delay and you will receive a same day despatch meaning you get your roofing sheets when you need them.

      To make your installation easier and faster we have manufactured several ranges of world first patented flashing systems, which help you save time and money and make sure all your jobs are completed with a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish! Our own in-house Innovation Teams have worked hard to make sure that the Corrapol® flashings and accessories are manufactured in mill finish and white, and the Corrapol®-BT ranges are produced in four colours to match the roofing sheets in any chosen colour scheme.

      All our Corrapol® Clear corrugated roof sheets and Corrapol®-BT Bitumen roof sheets are carefully protected from the moment they are produced so they are protected from our manufacturing and production processes right throughout our delivery process. Our friendly and dedicated Teams are with you throughout the whole journey with live chat to assist with any questions you have!


      What is the difference between PVC and Polycarbonate Corrugated Roof Sheets?

        • Corrapol®-PVC DIY Clear Roof Sheets – Great DIY product with mid-high level of transparency and around 5–10 year life expectancy.
        • Corrapol®-GRP Clear Roof Sheets – Higher impact resistance but less light transmission.
        • Corrapol®-Stormproof Clear Sheets – Highest impact resistance, excellent light transmission and an amazing estimated life expectancy of 10-20 years!
        • Corrapol®-BT Bitumen Roof Sheets – These bitumen roof sheets come in four colours for a solid colour roofing sheets which works well along side any of the above options.
        • Corramet® Roofing Sheet Kits - The Corramet roof sheeting is a special type of corrugated plastic that offers a great alternative to corrugated metal. It is designed to be long lasting and available in longer lengths up to 4 metres! Manufactured in green and black corrugated sheets to suit residential and agricultural such as barn roofs and garage roofs.

      With probably the worlds largest collection of corrugated roofing sheets in matching interconnecting profiles we are able to provide a corrugated roof sheet for almost any application you require. Check out all our ranges…  

Common Questions

Corrapol Stormproof & Corrapol PVC FAQs

Yes, it is recommended to predrill Corrapol Sheets to create 5mm pilot holes to allow for expansion. You can easily drill Corrapol Stormproof sheets using a standard 5mm HSS drill bit.

There is no minimum pitch as far as the product itself is concerned, however the steeper the pitch the better the rain will run off and this will also increase water proof levels and reduce the chances of dirt/leaves collecting on top of the roof. A minimal 10-degree pitch is ideal considered to be a normal best practice.

Corrapol-BT Bitumen Sheet FAQs

This depends on a lot of factors such as pitch, roof type, location, structure of purloins etc. However, we suggest at least a minimum of twenty Corrapol-BT fixings per sheet. Sometimes customers will install as many as fifty fixings per sheet!

The Corrapol® sheets themselves can be installed at any pitch from 0 degrees to vertical. However, due to the fact that the sheets overlap, we recommend that at least a pitch of between 5 degrees and 10 degrees is used to allow the water to run off from one sheet to another without having to seal under each sheet. This also all depends on the location and application the Corrapol sheets are being used for.

Awnapol® Premium Bitumen are manufactured for more heavy duty applications so are thicker, heavier and stronger than standard Corrapol®-BT Sheets. Whilst naturally they cost a bit more, they provide a more durable solution making them ideal for use on larger projects.

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