Solid, Multiwall and Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are a great choice of material for use on any clear roofing or glazing application where high light transmission and a lightweight structure is required. Extruded from high quality resin which is reckoned to be approximately 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness, these virtually unbreakable clear roofing sheets are available in many thicknesses and sheet size options to suit a wide range of applications.

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    • As manufacturers of Axiome® and Axgard® Polycarbonate Sheets you can rely on Clear Amber to provide high quality polycarbonate sheets consistently, giving you peace of mind on all your projects. Axiome® and Axgard® Polycarbonate Sheets are used for a wide variety of applications such as carports, canopies, BBQ shelters, covered walkways, covered walkways, uncover school play areas, porches, rooflights, greenhouses, shed glazing, garages, secondary glazing and much more!

      You can be assured that from the moment you place an order it is automatically transferred in to our digital production process almost immediately and production started for rapid delivery for you.

      Axiome® and Axgard® Polycarbonate Sheets have protective film on both sides so they are protected from our manufacturing and production processes right throughout the delivery process and while you are installing them. The film is simply peeled away as soon as the product is installed.

      What is the difference between multiwall and solid polycarbonate?

      • Axgard® solid polycarbonate sheets are a single layer product which looks similar to glass but is around half the weight and is made from virtually unbreakable resin making it incredibly strong and ideal for many glazing applications.
      • Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with multiple layers and vertical supports which make a box like structure. This provides an even lighter weight structure with excellently enhanced spanning capabilities as box sections make a very rigid product, whilst still allowing a good level of light transmission.


      We also manufacture several ranges of innovative glazing bar systems and accessories specifically designed by our own Teams for use with Axiome® and Axgard® Polycarbonate Sheets. Every year we invest massively in designing new improvement and our own inhouse R&D Teams work hard to continuously improve the product ranges with registered designs and patented features, so you can enjoy the very latest product benefits. Our R&D Team draws inspiration from our Trade customers like you, and each innovation is designed to make your installation, faster and easier with enhanced aesthetic results, saving you time and money, making your work a professional masterpiece every time!

      In our Production Facility we use several types of complex automated CNC processing and cutting machines to process the Axiome® and Axgard® polycarbonate sheets to your exact requirements. This allows us to manufacture your sheets exactly made-to-measure to your specific site sizes.

Common Questions

Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate FAQs

Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets come in a range of thicknesses from 4-35mm to suit a wide range of home and garden applications.

Here are a few example applications for each thickness sheet to help guide you:

- 4mm: Temporary Glazing and Cloches

- 6mm: The ideal Greenhouse and Potting Shed thickness

- 10mm: Pergolas and Garden Huts

- 16mm *most popular*: Great for Carports, Gazebos, Lean-Tos, Canopies

- 25mm: Lean-To Extensions and Garden Buildings

- 35mm: For maximum insulation on House Extensions and Conservatories

Please note: we do not recommended using Axiome 4mm or 6mm for roofing projects.

We manufacture Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets in Clear, Opal and Bronze. These three tints all have different properties which making them suited to a a different variety of projects. Here are the benefits of each tint:

Bronze - reduces sun glare and helps retain heat

Clear - our most popular colour with great light transmission and appearance

Opal - offer degree of privacy, heat reduction and bright overall appearance

When installing Axiome® Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting you are best to use our Snapa Snap Fix, Alukap-XR or Alukap-SS Glazing Bars.

The Alukap-XR and SS Glazing Bars can be installed with any thickness of glass or glazing and Snapa® Bars can be used when joining Axiome® Polycarbonate thicknesses from 10mm and greater.

If you are using

To increase Lifespan, one side of Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets is UV protected and this can be noted by the side with the bright amber Axiome tape on!

If you can't see any tape, don't worry as this can occasionally happen! Simply leave the protection film on and contact our team who will be able to advise.

Axgard Glazing Sheet FAQs

Axgard Glazing Sheets are manufactured in a wide range of tints including Clear, Opal and Bronze, black and patterned!

Here are the benefits of each tint:

Black - Complete privacy and light block

Bronze - Reduces glare and provides shade

Clear - Great light transmission and clarity

Opal - provides heat rejection properties, shade and a bright aesthetic

Patterned - provides privacy without compromising light transmission

Both side of Axgard Glazing Sheets are UV Protected so you don't need to worry which way up you install them!

Drilling a hole in Axgard Glazing sheets is very simple! Unlike other inferior plastic types, Axgard won't split of shatter when drilled through, all you need to do is follow our How 2 video which can be found here.

General Axiome & Axgard FAQs

You should always use a low modulus, neutral cure (LMN) silicone as this gives the greatest elasticity with low modulus type and the neutral cure adhesive ensures that solvent doesn’t attack the Axiome or Axgard. Low modulus, neutral cure silicone is made in many brands and should be readily available.

Both Axgard and Axiome Sheets are very easy to cut cleanly. Just use a fine toothed blade at a high speed and medium feed speed.

For full instructions cutting instructions, please view our How to Cut Axgard Video here.

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