Alukap Veranda Canopy Calculator

1 What Roof Type?
2 What Colours?
3 Enter Your Roof Size
4 Your Veranda Canopy Kit

This Veranda Canopy Calculator will rapidly calculate a price in 3 quick steps. You can then edit the component kit list to suit your bespoke needs.

Let's Go... Choose your Roof Type:

Lean To With Solid Sides - 2 x Gables
Lean To With Solid Sides - 1 x Wall Upstand and 1 x Gable Side
Lean To With Solid Sides - 2 x Wall Upstand Sides
Lean To With Open Sides (Front Posts) 2 x Gables
Lean To With Open Sides (Front Posts) - 1 x Wall Upstand and 1 x Gable Side
Lean To With Open Sides (Front Posts) - 2 x Wall Upstand Sides

Great - Now just two more quick steps to get a full list of your components. Next choose your desired colours and glazing sheets.

Great... Now choose your Colour:

Single Slope - Free Standing
Choose Sheet Colour:
Choose Sheet Thickness:
Choose Glazing Bar Colour:

Excellent – Now simply type in your sizes and then click 'Next'. Then give the RapidKey® Calculator a few seconds and it will add a suggested list of products for your canopy roof to your basket.

PLEASE NOTE: You should always check and adjust the suggested quantities to suit your specific requirements.

Nearly there... Just Add Sizes:

Single Slope - Free Standing
Length of Size A : (mm) Size of A? (mm)
Length of Size B : (mm) Size of B? (mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stephen R.
DIY installation of a lower ceiling in large conservatory.

I searched various sites on ways to achieve what I wanted finally settled on using high span glazing bars due ease of use, lightweight, and greater span capacity I chose Clear Amber as the best and cheapest supplier of these bars delivery was quick with the products arriving within the specified time. The SS glazing bars do the job brilliantly. I Would certainly recommend the company and thank them for their assistance.

Keir G.
Professional, Polite and Helpful

The clearamber team is truly one which I enjoyed working with. They are quick to respond, always helpful and very knowledgeable on their product. They also go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is happy. I can't recommend the team more, they truly are great.

The product is well made and comes with everything possible to make installation as easy as possible. It was the first time I've ever built a lean to and it really came out looking great.

So all round I am very satisfied!

james c.
Great company

Great company , good products my only criticism is you cannot speak to anyone, we had a problem that took around 30 min to deal with using the online system that would have been a few min on the phone

Thank you for your review - we appreciate it! We will pass on your feedback onto our Web Team as there is a 'Request a call' function but it maybe should be made more easy to access.