Frosted Plastic Sheet - 4 Options

Stippolyte Glass has been around for many decades, but Frosted Plastic Sheets provide several different alternative options, so, which is best? In this article we share which options are available and the benefits of each.

However, for any of you that don’t have time to read the full article, we believe the best option between Stippolyte Glass and Frosted Plastic is a Frosted Plastic known as Patterned Polycarbonate, because it is almost identical to look at, but around 200 times impact strength, as well as being far easier to use and most importantly it is much safer.

What is Stippolyte Glass?

Stippolyte Glass is a transparent glass sheet with a pattern on it which obscures the view for privacy whilst allowing as much light through as a normal clear glass pane. The disadvantages of Stippolyte Glass are that it is relatively heavy and very fragile. Stippolyte Glass can break or shatter, leaving dangerous shards which could cause harm to people and pets. This is why it is well worth considering alternative plastic sheets which don’t break or shatter and are also lighter weight and easier to install. Polycarbonate plastic sheet is the strongest plastic sheet manufactured, and is generally considered to be virtually unbreakable.  

Extra Info: What is the Type of Pattern on Stippolyte Glass?

Stippolyte Glass Pattern is a regular uniform pattern which looks similar to the outside of an orange skin. The undefined pattern makes it uniform without the need to worry about direction or which way up it is.

What is Frosted Plastic Sheet? – 4 Types

Frosted Plastic can be a confusing term, as there are a few different plastic sheet types that provide a frosted effect, but in different ways. The strongest frosted plastic glazing sheets are manufactured from Polycarbonate and provide a truly shatterproof plastic sheet. There are four different Frosted Plastic Sheets set out below with example photos and an explanation for each type:

  1. Opal Plastic Sheet
  2. Patterned Plastic Sheet
  3. Fluted Plastic Sheet
  4. Bronze Tint Plastic Sheet

Read more on these four options below:

What is Opal Plastic Sheet?

Sometimes called Opaque Plastic Sheet, Opal Plastic Sheets are white tinted and allow some light through, but the white tint provides privacy, so that only shadows and outlines can be seen through it.

Frosted Plastic Opal Sheet

The white tint of Opal Plastic Sheets also reflects heat from the Sun meaning they will help to keep temperatures down in many plastic glazing sheet applications.

Common Uses of Opal Plastic Sheet:

  • Shed Windows
  • Garden Screens
  • Greenhouse Plastic
  • Canopy Roof & Side Sheets

What is Patterned Plastic Sheet?

Patterned Plastic looks very similar to Stippolyte Glass, but it has many benefits over Stippolyte Glass. If you choose polycarbonate patterned plastic you will have a product which looks exactly like Stippolyte Glass, but is around 200 times stronger, in fact polycarbonate patterned plastic is such a strong plastic that it is generally classed as virtually unbreakable.

Frosted Plastic Patterned Sheet

Clear Patterned Plastic is less than half the weight of Stippolyte Glass and lets the same amount of light through, while obscuring the view to provide privacy. Sometimes Patterned Plastic is called obscure plastic, because it obscures the view.

Despite its incredible strength, Clear Polycarbonate Patterned Plastic is easy to cut to size or shape. To cut Clear Polycarbonate Patterned Plastic you can use a fine-tooth jig saw as shown in this How 2 video

Polycarbonate Patterned Plastic is the closest looking alternative to Stippolyte Glass but provides all these incredible advantages for safety and strength.

Common uses of Polycarbonate Patterned Plastic Sheets:

  • Shed Windows & Roofs
  • Replacement Greenhouse Glass
  • Secondary Glazing Sheets
  • Roofing Sheets
  • Pergola Roof Sheets
  • Garden Shelter Roofs
  • Roof Lights
  • Cold Frames

What is Fluted Plastic Sheet?

Fluted Plastic Sheets are manufactured in a box structure and are sometimes called twinwall plastic sheets, ribbed plastic sheets or multiwall plastic sheets. Clear fluted plastic allows light to pass through like normal clear plastic, but the flute lines cause the view to be obscured providing privacy. Most fluted Plastic Sheets are manufactured from Polycarbonate which is very strong and easy to install. Fluted Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets also provide insulation with the layer between the walls, and the structure of the boxes make it very rigid whilst still being very light weight. 

Frosted Plastic Fluted Sheet

Fluted Polycarbonate sheet is ideal for Greenhouses, Carports, BBQ Shelters, Covered Eating Areas, Outdoor Covered Play Areas, Canopies, and Garden Shelters. 

Common uses of Polycarbonate Fluted Plastic Sheets:

  • BBQ Shelter Roofs
  • Shed Windows
  • Covered Eating Areas
  • Replacement Greenhouse Glass
  • Outdoor Covered Play Areas
  • Roofing Sheets
  • Canopies
  • Covered Walkways
  • Pergola Roofs
  • Carwash Spray Screens
  • Garden Shelters
  • Cold Frames
  • Privacy Screens

What is Bronze Tint Plastic Sheet?

Bronze Tint Plastic is a transparent sheet but with a bronze (or brown) tint in it which creates an anti-glare effect. Bronze Tinted Plastic will reduce the brightness of the light and reduce light transmission, but also the darker colour can absorb more heat and create an increase in heat build-up from the Sun light, creating a warmer shaded effect.

Frosted Plastic Bronze Sheet

Like the other types of frosted plastics bronze tint plastic is strongest when it is made in polycarbonate.

Common uses of Bronze Tint Plastic Sheets:

  • Shed Windows
  • Boat Windows
  • Pergola Roofs
  • Shelters

Conclusion on Stippolyte Glass Versus Frosted Plastic Sheets:

Stippolyte Glass may be a lower cost than some of the Frosted Plastic Sheet options discussed above, however the four options of the Frosted Plastic Sheet above provide so many more benefits of strength, reduced weight, safety, ease of installation and longevity. This means in most cases it is much better to choose a plastic glazing sheet which provides the same privacy solution but with all the extra benefits. Our favourite option is the Polycarbonate Patterned Sheets as they provide privacy, whilst letting in the most day light and have incredible strength against breakage.

Frosted Plastic Patterned Sheet

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