Using Corrugated Sheets on a Shed Roof

Looking to replace that dreary felt roof that looks awful and constantly leaks? Then good news, in this guide we will explain how to replace shed roof felt with ease. Corrugated sheets are a great low-cost way of re-roofing your shed. They’re easy to install and one of the most common roof coverings that homeowners use to waterproof their sheds.   

Why are corrugated sheets the best shed roof covering? They are easy to work with, low cost and look stunning once installed.

As the manufacturer of a wide range of corrugated sheets, we are aware that it can be a challenge knowing what parts you’ll need and what’s best to use. That is why we have compiled this guide about exactly what you need when re-roofing your shed; letting you shop with confidence.  

Above is a basic shopping list of the parts required to replace a shed roof covering but below we’ll go into detail on the six steps to choosing the right components for your shed type, including:

  1. Choose sheet type: Bitumen or Corramet?
  2. Select fixing type: Screw or nail?
  3. Pick Roof Side Flashing
  4. If Lean-to Shed: Select Top Wall Flashing
  5. If Apex Shed: Select Ridge type
  6. Do you need Eaves Fillers?

Conclusion: What you’ll need for your shed roof

Choose sheet type: Bitumen or Corramet?

Corrugated roofing sheets can be installed on a variety of shed roof styles and pitches. Let’s look at the two most popular corrugated roofing sheets for sheds and compare the differences.

Corrugated Bitumen sheets are the lowest cost option that allows homeowners and trades alike to complete a shed roof at a very competitive price. They are a great choice for any skill level of installer as they are lightweight and very easy to work with. A shed roof can easily be transformed with the use of bitumen roof sheets.

The second shed roofing option is Corramet Sheeting. Corramet is a stronger more durable sheet that is the ultimate shed roofing choice. The unique plastic resin from which Corramet is manufactured ensures your shed roof is protected even in the most adverse weather conditions, combined with excellent impact resistance.

Corramet is arguably the better sheet as it comes in more length options and longer lengths; up to 4 meters, compared to Bitumen that’s only available up to 2 meters. Longer lengths mean less overlapping required and a more waterproofed end result.

Corramet does have a nicer finish between the two sheets as when once installed the unique composition creates a more pleasing stronger-coloured look compared to the basic bitumen. If you are a homeowner and looking to make the appearance of your shed attractive Corramet would be the best option for you.

Want to learn more about the differences between these two roofing types? Watch our bitumen corrugated versus Corramet corrugated comparison video above.

Select fixing type: Screw or nail?

There are two types of shed roofing fixings: Nails and Flexi Cap Screw fixings. Flexible cap screws provide a lot more secure fix due to the screw nature of the fixing. Roof Nails are the lowest cost option but have some downsides being less secure, less waterproof and only compatible with bitumen.

Corrugated Screw fixings are the recommended choice as they provide waterproof sealing around the contours of the corrugated sheets. Using the flexible screw options allows you to control the tension of the fixing of the sheets, which allows more overall fixing strength.

Both fixing types come in four colour options (Black, Brown, Red, and Green) to complement the colour of the shed roof sheets.

Important Note: If you purchase Corramet sheets you will have the advantage that they come with flexi cap screw fixings so no need to calculate how many are required. Only purchase additional fixings if they are required for your structure.

The lower-cost nail fixings are only suitable if you are installing the bitumen corrugated sheets but may save you money if your budget is tight.

How many fixings are required for corrugated sheets?

  • 1000 & 2000mm Sheets – Minimum 20 Fixings
  • 3000mm Sheets – Minimum 30 Fixings
  • 4000mm Sheets – Minimum 40 Fixings

Normally customers use a lot more than these minimum recommendations when it comes to roofing with corrugated sheets to ensure a strong installation. Remember quantities always depend on specific project factors such as location, pitch, wind exposure etc.

Pick a Roof Side Flashing

The gable is one of the most crucial parts of a roof to properly waterproof as it’s vulnerable to wind uplifting and weather. Therefore, installing a gable flashing on your shed roof is essential to maximise its lifespan. What’s more, it creates a smart professional-looking edge to your roof.

The Rock N Lock® Gable Flashing is a key component to purchase. Installing this product is going to significantly reduce the chances of your sheets uplifting in poor weather conditions or high wind.

When carrying out shed roof repairs on an older shed roof this one flashing could be the determining factor of how long your repair lasts. It comes in six colours which will match your corrugated sheets and your ridge, really giving your roof that appealing finish.

If your roof is up against a side wall, then you should use the Rock n Lock Wall Flashing. This is an exceptional aluminium product that will make the connection between your wall and roof watertight.

If Lean To Shed: Top Wall Flashing

If your roof structure is a lean-too or flat roof shed, then a seal against the back wall is required. This area is particularly difficult to seal as there is no flat surface for lead flashing to seal onto. Using the top wall flashing will ensure an easy seal at this notorious section of the roof installation.

The Top Wall Flashing has been designed with an innovative foam gasket to seal snugly down onto the corrugated sheeting. Manufactured from aluminium, these roof flashings can be cut easily and are suitable for almost any roof angle.

If you are installing corrugated bitumen sheets then choose the Corrapol BT Top Wall Flashing in black, brown, green or red colour options.

Example Lean To Roof

If Apex Shed: Bitumen or Super Ridge?

Again, there are two options to choose from for a shed roof ridge: budget bitumen or longer-lasting aluminium super ridge.

A Bitumen ridge is a fantastic low-cost option way to provide a water-resistant ridge when installing bitumen roofing sheets. However, the bitumen corrugated ridges are not as robust or durable as the Super Ridge, which is produced from quality aluminium.

The Corrapol Super Ridge is a brilliant investment for your roof.  As a ridge is usually the most weather-affected area on a roof, it makes sense to invest a little more in your ridge by using the premium option. The super ridge comes with flexi cap fixings created for timber to ensure a strong fix. Overall, it gives your roof a professional and appealing finish.

If you decide to use the ultimate Corramet sheets for replacing a shed roof, then you will need to use the super ridge for your shed. As previously mentioned, it’s extruded from aluminium so using Corramet and the Super Ridge together makes your corrugated roof repair maximum quality.

Corramet Apex Roof Graphic

Eaves Fillers: do you need them?

A common question asked when people are using corrugated roofing sheets on their flat roof shed or apex shed roof is: do we need to use eaves fillers? The simplest answer is yes!  Eaves fillers are recommended on every shed roof as they stop drafts going through your roof and seal your roof from the rain. They are also perfect for preventing dust, insects, and birds from going into the eaves of the sheeting. The best benefit of using eaves fillers is that they increase the life span of your roof.

Using eaves fillers when re-roofing your shed also makes your fixings more secure. They help cushion the sheets when screwing them down to your frame or purlins.

When re-roofing your shed it would be recommended to use a minimum of two eaves fillers per sheet. Use one at the bottom and the top of your corrugated roofing sheets. The bottom is especially important as there used to reduce wind uplift which can occur in poor weather conditions.

It’s always better to install using all the recommended products the first time around than having to replace your shed roof again if not installed properly.

Conclusion: What you’ll need for your shed roof

Corrugated roofing sheets are a brilliant solution for re-roofing your shed roof. If you are on a budget, then corrugated bitumen is the lowest cost option for shed roofing. On the other hand, the best shed roofing material to use is Corramet® for its long lifespan, robustness and nice finish.

What do I need to cover a shed roof?

This is a summarised shopping list of what is required to re roof a shed:

  • Corrugated sheets (bitumen or Corramet)
  • Fixings
  • Rock N Lock® Side Flashings
  • Foam Eaves Fillers
  • Securbond Roofing Silicone
  • If a Lean to Shed: Top Wall Flashing
  • If an Apex Shed: Corrugated Ridge bar

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