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If you are considering building a new garden shed or simply upgrading your current one, choosing the right roofing material is essential. The longevity of your shed and belongings inside relies on a sturdy, long-lasting, and most importantly waterproof roofing solution.

However, there are what feels like hundreds of shed roofing options on the market, making it difficult to pick between them. That’s why in this article, we shall explore the below options to help you make an informed choice before undertaking your next shed roofing project.

These are the main shed roofing material options:

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Bitumen Roof Sheets

One of the most popular shed roofing options is bitumen roof sheets. Suitable for a wide range of shed roofing types and garden designs, these corrugated sheets are a versatile material that is great for both Apex and lean-to sheds. Manufactured in black, green, red and brown there is a great selection of colour options available.

Despite the very low cost, bitumen sheets have a lifespan of around 10-15 years and are incredibly easy to install. Simply overlap and fit the sheets to the roof frame. This will give you a fantastic-looking and most importantly watertight shed roof.

Depending on your roof style there is also a range of colour-matching flashing and ridges available, which can add years to the lifespan of your shed roof. For example, installing a Rock N Lock flashing will greatly reduce the chance of wind uplift which will ensure your shed remains watertight at the gables. Another way to increase the lifespan is by using Flexi Cap Screws which have screw caps that hide away the fixings, as well as protect against any water ingress over time.

Unlike other options, such as roofing felt, bitumen sheets are very easy to remove and replace when the time comes that you feel your shed needs freshened up or if you are simply replacing one or two sheets.

Shed Roof Felt

Some would say the most traditional covering for your project is shed roof felt. Perhaps the biggest attraction is how affordable it is, meaning it is a good choice if working on a very limited budget.

Shed roof felt is generally very easy and quick to install. However, it can be tricky in the more exposed areas such as the gable ends and ridge. This must be installed correctly, as wind uplift can tear the sheets leading to water ingress issues quickly if not installed and sealed properly. This can lead to further issues if not spotted and dealt with straight away, as the structure of the shed as well as the underboard will start to rot and deteriorate.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of shed roofing felt is its limited lifespan compared to other more robust options. It is susceptible to becoming brittle over time if exposed to cold conditions causing cracks in the felt which will of course lead to leaks and damp issues.

There is also the consideration that the shed roof felt is not the most attractive option available. There are few colour options available, and most are quite dull to look at. Unlike other options available there are no hidden fixing options available either so the exposed nails can impact the overall look of the shed!

Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheets

A more premium corrugated sheeting material, Corramet Roofing Sheets are one of the most durable and high-quality roofing options for your shed. These roofing sheets are an improvement over corrugated bitumen sheets while maintaining the same corrugated shape. Of course, the initial cost will be slightly more, but Corramet sheets will outlive any bitumen-based options significantly.

Corramet sheets are very robust and offer excellent rigidity. They are a great option if your shed is in an area where it will be exposed to winds or adverse weather conditions.

This superior strength in turn means that Corramet can span greater lengths than other corrugated sheeting options. An ideal feature for larger sheds where otherwise overlapping and cutting to size may have been required – making great savings on time and wastage!

Corramet roofing sheets, like bitumen sheets, are also compatible with a range of colour-matching flashings. Making a complete installation easy! Fixings are also included with the sheets which for larger projects will be a considerable money saving.

If you are looking to allow extra light into your shed, you can easily do this with Corramet Sheets by installing a Stormproof sheet on your roof to make a DIY roof light. Corrapol Stormproof sheets match the Corramet profile, making it as simple as overlapping the sheet to create a great source of natural light!

Clay Roof Tiles

Normally reserved for larger shed or garage projects, clay roof tiles are one of the longest-lasting options you can choose for your shed. Used in construction for 100s of years, these remain one of the best ways to cover your roof.

This does come at a cost, however, as clay tiles are one of the highest-cost options and may only suit premium-end projects with very large budgets. Tiles are primarily suited to shed constructions that are using a sturdier frame like brick walls for example. If you are constructing a more traditional wooden shed, you would require to introduce a lot of extra support due to the extra weight tiles will add to your roof.

It is also worth considering whether such a robust option would be required especially on smaller shed projects, as many lower-cost options would work just as well.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

If you are looking to fill your shed with natural light then polycarbonate roofing sheets are a great option, with a variety of choices depending on your requirements and budget. Despite being more commonly associated with clear roof structures like lean-tos or greenhouses, it would be a mistake to not consider polycarbonate roofing for your shed!

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Easy to install using the correct glazing bars, Polycarbonate sheets are greater for DIYers. With bespoke cutting to size means that you can be sure that you have the exact sizes that need for your project. Which is handy if your shed is an unusual size or shape.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Another option to consider for your shed roof is metal roofing sheets. Available in box profiles and standard corrugated sheets, these will provide you with great lifespan and durability. It is worth noting that lifespan depends on the type of metal sheeting as some can rust quickly.

If your shed is located in an area that is exposed to extreme weather conditions or that requires high levels of impact resistance, then it may be worth considering metal roofing sheets. They do however have some downsides.

Metal shed roofing sheets are at the more expensive end of the corrugated sheeting market, and you may find that you are waiting weeks or even months for delivery with long manufacturing lead times.

It is also important to consider the noise! If you are not planning on installing an insulating layer underneath the sheets then metal sheets are the noisiest option, especially in heavy rain. This may be especially important if you are going to be in your shed often, for example, if you are using your shed as a workshop.

Wood Shingles

A final option for your shed roof is wooden shingles. With varying types of wood from which they can be manufactured, wood shingles offer a very diverse range of colours and styles.

They offer a natural appearance that you will struggle to replicate with other shed roofing options. This can of course be great if you are looking for your shed to seamlessly blend into your garden and natural surroundings.

You may, however, find that over time mould and moss can grow very quickly, and if not treated immediately can have a detrimental impact on your roof. While they do have good durability, they are known to warp or even crack over time with significant temperature changes.

What is the best shed roof covering?

The best shed roof covering is Corramet Corrugated sheets as they provide unrivalled waterproofing and a great lifespan. If you are on a slightly tighter budget, then corrugated bitumen shed roofing sheets are the option to go for.

Best Shed Roof Covering = Corramet Corrugated Sheets

Budget Shed Roof Covering = Corrapol Bitumen Roof Sheets

Traditional Shed Roof Covering = Shed Roof Felt

Ultimately, the best shed roof covering does depend on your budget.  As a low-cost option, corrugated bitumen sheets are a great option for your shed roof. They offer great longevity and robustness at a small cost and can be installed with a huge range of Rock N Lock flashings to protect the exposed areas of the roof.

If you want the greatest and most long-lasting shed cover, Corramet corrugated sheets are the roofing material for you. This extremely tough sheet has increased longevity and strength. Furthermore, fixings are provided with each sheet, saving you money! As previously stated, one advantage of utilising Corramet is the variety of sizes offered. Longer lengths of 3 and 4 metres may make a significant difference in bigger installations, saving not only money but also time.

Finally, you could use Shed Roof Felt as the traditional method of roofing a shed. More modern materials offer a lot greater lifespan and better waterproofing so felt is mainly only used where all other options are out of budget.

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