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If you are considering buying aluminium guttering, then you are on the right path.

Even if your heart is set on a plastic gutter it’s worth learning some of the incredible benefits an aluminium gutter can offer. After doing so most people change their minds.

Aluminium Guttering = Longer Lifespan & Greater Strength + Fewer Repairs or Replacements

Are aluminium gutters expensive? No, modern aluminium guttering systems are surprisingly cost-effective with little variance to plastic. In fact, they are much more cost-effective long term.

In this blog, we have summarised all the parts you’ll need to install aluminium gutters and some key questions you may have on each component.

Aluminium Guttering Components

These are all the guttering supplies you’ll need to install an aluminium gutter:

Click on any of the parts above to skip down to information about a particular component.

Aluminium Gutter

The lengths of aluminium gutter are the best place to start when pricing up what you need. Once you’ve worked out the quantity and length sizes you are going to use it is significantly easier to choose the corresponding parts.

To calculate how much guttering you’ll need you should divide the total length by the standard gutter lengths: 2 metres, 3 metres and 4 metres. It is recommended to have as few joins as possible to make installation easier.

The standard lengths of gutter in imperial measurements are approximately 6ft 7in, 9ft 10in and 13ft 1in.

If you are still unsure how to work out what parts you’ll need after reading this blog you can also use our rapid gutter calculator.

The best type of aluminium gutter currently available is the Aluflow Deep Flow System, as it offers an unrivalled design with hidden brackets and unions and is the lowest cost despite all its features.

What is the best colour for aluminium guttering?

Ultimately it depends on your home or building’s colour scheme but black tends to be most popular as neutrally suited to a wide range of projects. The next most popular are white or grey in equal proportions.

Finally, for those looking to really set their project apart, there is the bespoke colour option which can create some truly stunning colour finishes. Dark blues, vivid reds or pastel greens can make a house’s roofline pop with style.

What is Deep Flow Guttering?

Deep Flow is the name given to a certain style of gutter which is designed with a greater depth than regular guttering for higher rainwater capacity and better drainage. Usual depths are between 75-80mm.

Aluminium Guttering Parts Diagram

Gutter Running Outlet

The gutter outlet is another core gutter part to add to your shopping basket. Its role is to create an easy connection between the gutter and downpipes below. For every gutter run you need to install at least one gutter running outlet for the system to function.

How many gutter outlets are needed?

A standard rule of thumb is you should have a gutter outlet every 5-9 metres, but it does depend on the size of your roof. The bigger the surface area of the roof the greater the water run off so more running outlets will be required.

Gutter Union

Sometimes called gutter joints, the unions are possibly the most critical part of the whole installation. Responsible for joining the gutter lengths together and maintaining the water tightness of the gutter how they are installed is important.

Watch our how to join aluminium guttering video for a handy guide on joining gutter lengths with unions.

How many gutter unions are needed?

You will require a gutter union between every main gutter part (lengths, running outlet and corners). To easily calculate how many gutter joints you need simply add up how many components you have and minus 1.

For example, three lengths of gutter, one running outlet and one external corner equals five gutter parts so you would require four gutter unions.

You do not need a union for the gutter stop ends.

Gutter Brackets

Gutter brackets are essential for every gutter installation and should not be skimped on.

Often called Gutter clips, aluminium gutter brackets are substantially more robust than their snap-prone plastic competitors.

Traditionally, gutter clips have been the main eye sore of guttering. Modern gutter brackets, like the patented Rock n Lock® bracket, are concealed from view once installed to solve this issue.

How far apart should gutter brackets be?

Gutter brackets should be a maximum of 600mm apart for aluminium guttering. As the main structural component more is definitely better than less.

To be safe, having two gutter brackets per metre is a suggested guide. For high rainfall areas or larger roofs you should adjust accordingly.

Gutter Stop End

Possibly the most obvious part on the guttering shopping list, the gutter end caps are important for form and function.

Ensure that your aluminium gutter stop ends are well sealed with compatible gutter sealant.

How many Gutter Stopends are required? For the majority of projects, you will require two stop ends per run of guttering, a left and a right.

Internal & External Gutter Angle

A gutter corner is used any time there is an angled change in direction on your metal guttering run. As the name suggests, a 90 degree gutter corner is designed for 90 degree bends around a structure.

What’s the difference between an internal and external gutter corner?

An Internal gutter angle goes on any inside corners, usually where there is a roof valley. Whereas, an Eternal gutter angle goes on outside corners, where there is a roof hip.

Aluminium Downpipe

Gutter downpipe is used to channel water down from the gutter system to a drainage point or system. An aluminium drainpipe provides exceptional robustness and durability.

Aluminium Downpipes are available in 2.5 metre and 4 metre lengths so for most residential one storey installations the 2.5m will do. For two storeys and above you should swift to the 4 metre drain pipe.

The most common type is round downpipe which matches the curved style of most guttering. You can also get square drain pipes but these can look unsightly on domestic properties.

Gutter downspouts made from aluminium offer an exceptional lifespan and none of the brittleness or breakage challenges of plastic down pipes.

Downpipe Brackets

Downpipe brackets are used to secure your downpipe back to your wall or structure. They should be installed at intervals down the downpipe length.

How far apart should downpipe clips be?

Downpipe clips should be a maximum of 1.5m apart on vertical runs. You should also use a downpipe bracket directly below any swan neck bends.

Downpipe Connector

Downpipe connectors are an easy way to join two down pipes together end-to-end. A simple slot fit is all it takes. A downpipe connector will only be required if you are using multiple downpipe lengths for longer length runs.

Downpipe Offset Bend

A downpipe bend is mostly used to create a swan neck beck. A swan neck is where you direct the gutter from the base of the gutter outlet back under your fascia and soffit to the wall.

Most people will tend to require a minimum of two 112 degree downpipe bends to create a swan neck from their running outlet. Downpipe connector bends can also be employed any time you require a change in downpipe direction.

Downpipe Shoe

The final piece in the system is the downpipe shoe. A common misconception is that downpipe shoes are only to add a smart finish, however, they actually fill out a crucial role of directing water.

Without the downpipe shoes the rainwater can erode your wall and cause foundation damage. They are there to direct the water outwards or towards the main surface drainage point.

You will require one shoe per downpipe on your project.

Gutter Sealant

It is important to use a sealant for guttering when installing aluminium gutters rather than any standard off-the-shelf silicone. Primarily this is because using the right type of silicone is essential for getting a strong water tight seal and maximum longevity.

Securbond Gutter Sealant is available in black, grey and white colour options to match the guttering systems. However, there is also a clear sealant option which is handy for all other colours and can be more discreet.

Need Help with your Guttering Project?

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