How To Join Aluminium Guttering

Leaking gutters are the most common type of gutter repairs required by homeowners across the country. Did you know over 75% of these issues could be prevented with correct installation? A quick read of this guide is essential before starting your project.

The good news is that joining aluminium gutters is as straightforward as plastic gutters – and substantially stronger once complete.

If you have already purchased your Aluflow Aluminium guttering system you’re in the right place. Congratulations on your purchase!

Learning how to join Aluflow is a key part of understanding how to install aluminium gutters. A gutter union should be used on every joint where two lengths of gutter or gutter fittings meet. Before we delve further, why choose aluminium guttering in the first place?

Aluminium guttering is the sustainable and durable gutter choice.

But does its strength, sustainability and style mean aluminium gutter is expensive? No, quite the contrary. Aluminium guttering is one of the most cost-effective gutter solutions both short and long term. Any installer will admit that plastic gutters are used purely for their initial low cost. They suffer from a low lifespan on three fronts: fast colour fading, brittleness and becoming prone to snapping with each passing month.

However, even comparing short term, modern guttering systems like Aluflow® are surprisingly budget friendly and affordable. For example, a two metre aluminium gutter length starts as low as £9.47.

Joining guttering with a gutter union bracket is a simple process when following the right steps. Read on below to learn how to join guttering:

Tool required to join Aluflow Aluminium Gutter:

  • Appropriate Safety Gear
  • Drill with an HSS or Cobalt Drill Bit
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker pen
  • Securbond® Gutter Sealant
  • Aluflow® Screw fixings (supplied with the gutter union)

How to Join Aluminium Gutters - Steps:

  1. Safety first – please take the necessary safety precautions and checks before working at a height.
  2. Take an Aluflow® Gutter Union and measure 25mm in for each edge. Then mark these points on the screw guideline.
  3. Select a 3.5mm Drill bit that is suitable for metal. Top Tip: Cobalt is best for aluminium, but HSS drill bits are fine as well.
  4. Carefully drill holes into the two marked points
  5. Get your tube of Securbond Silicone (in a matching colour) and carefully cut it open with a knife.
  6. Cut the sealant nozzle to 45 degrees and trim to create an approx. 4-5mm diameter hole
  7. Ensure the internal surface of the gutter is free of dirt and dry
  8. Mark the back edge of the gutter at approx. 20mm and 40mm in from the edge of the gutter or gutter fitting
  9. Repeat on both sides of the guttering join
  10. Run four parallel beads of Securbond silicone (4-5mm wide) around the inside surface of the gutter, from front to back
  11. Important: Make sure there are no gaps in the silicone lines. You should now have two parallel beads of silicone on each side of the join.
  12. Fill the screw port channel with silicone, 50mm in both directions from the joint
  13. Take two small screws provided and thread them partially through the holes created in the gutter union earlier
  14. Rock N Lock® the union into the back receptor (opposite screw side) and compress down
  15. Screw the two screws into both sides until firmly fixed - silicon should ooze out of either side of the gutter union
  16. Either wipe off any excess silicone on the underside of the gutter now or leave it to dry and cut off in 24hours.

That’s your Aluflow aluminium gutter joint complete! No doubt you’ll also love the stunning finish as much as our Teams do.

Looking for a full how to fit guttering guide? Check out our installation guides and how to install guttering video.

Common Aluminium Gutter Questions:

When do I need to use an Aluflow® Gutter Union?

An Aluflow Gutter Union should be used every time you join any gutters or gutter fittings side-by-side. The only guttering component that doesn’t require a union is the Gutter Stop End. Naturally none of the downpipe components use the gutter union and have their own downpipe connectors.

What guttering parts are compatible with the Aluflow Union Bracket?

These are the Aluflow Parts that are compatible with the Aluflow Gutter Union:

  • Deep Flow Aluminium Guttering
  • Running Outlet
  • 90 Degree External Angle
  • 90 Degree Internal Angle

Top benefits of using aluminium guttering?

Aluminium guttering offers a longer-lasting, stronger and more sustainable alternative to plastic guttering. With a far superior lifespan, an aluminium gutter will stay looking stylish for many years beyond any plastic or steel system.

Choosing a reputable guttering brand is also critical to ensure you have peace of mind. Aluflow rain gutters are manufactured by Clear Amber Group and designed to exemplary standards. Their R&D team spent time refining the design to offer a gutter system that was both durable and didn’t cost your pocket or the earth.

That is what Aluflow Guttering is: Sustainable, Affordable, Quality.

What gutter sealant to use with aluminium guttering?

Always use Securbond Gutter Sealant when joining and installing aluminium gutting. This silicone sealant has been specially formulated to provide maximum water tightness and a great sealed finish.

If you have chosen a bespoke colour gutter then simply use the Securbond Clear gutter sealant which is a nice neutral option.

What colour Gutter Unions are available?

Aluminium gutter unions and gutter joint brackets are available in three standard colours: black, grey and white. Black is the most popular guttering colour for both commercial and domestic applications.

Looking for another colour? We can also bespoke colour all guttering parts to any RAL to suit any special colour projects. Popular RAL colours include Traffic Blue, Lichen Green and Signal Red.

Can a gutter union be used to join a downpipe?

No, to join lengths of aluminium downpipe you should use a downpipe connector, which is designed for straight joints. To create a swan neck or angled joints the use of a downpipe offset bend is recommended.

Need Help with your Aluminium Gutter Project?

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