How to install Alukap-XR Glazing Bars

How to install glazing bars?

Installing aluminium rafter glazing bars like Alukap®-XR can seem daunting and something best left to professional, however, they're not so we're here to dispel that myth!  

The good news is that Alukap®-XR are to designed to be easy to install with just basic DIY skills so anyone can use them in their roofing project. 

Simply follow the steps shown in our How2 Video above to complete your installation. Please note that this show a lean-to installation application, however, Alukap-XR bars can also be used in hipped, ridged and valley applications so please tweaks these steps to suit your own application.

A similar installation process applies to our Alukap®-SS Self Supporting Glazing bars but just without the need for the timber rafters!

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Chat to our product experts on our Live Chat with any unanswered questions you have! Alternatively, feel free to leave a comment question below and we'll respond publicly to help any other DIYers with the same question!

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