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About the Clear Amber Shop.

What we do…?  
Clear Amber is a global manufacturer of specialist roofing, glazing, decking and protection products and systems. All our ranges are designed by our inhouse research and development Teams with registered designs and patents and come with our full manufacturer extended warranty system. At Clear Amber Shop, you can get direct access to these products with what we believe is the very best service levels including our SWIFT Dedicated Nationwide Delivery, backed by our NQS Free Returns system. Even with choices on Flexible Payment Options to suit your needs.


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    • Why Clear Amber Shop…?

      Our friendly Teams are driven by an obsession with customer service and helping Trade Customers develop and grow their businesses with rapid service and no hassle, on a growing unique range of time-saving products to make your work easier, and help you complete every job with an incredible aesthetically pleasing finish! As one of the most renown manufacturers of roofing sheets and systems you can rest assured that you are back by years of experience.


      What Products do Clear Amber manufacture?

      Polycarbonate Sheets

      Solid extruded polycarbonate sheets are easy to cut to size and install for use in many applications such as screens, glazing, shelters, and roofing applications. Axgard® polycarbonate sheets UV protected on two sides are manufactured with high quality resin which is reckoned to be approximately 200 times the strength of glass of the same thickness and therefore classed as virtually unbreakable. This makes Axgard® sheets excellent for cut to sizes or shape, drilling and fixing. Axgard® ranges include the largest sizes possible to manufacturer, and covers tints and pattern options. Check out the huge range of Axgard® ready for immediate production.

      Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

      Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are extruded with twinwall and triplewall polycarbonate layers making them ideal for clear transparent roofing and glazing applications. Axiome® multiwall polycarbonate sheets come in many thickness options from 4mm to 35mm, with the thinner gauges being ideal for smaller areas or where curved polycarbonate panels are required, whereas the thicker gauges like 16mm, 25mm and 35mm provide greater rigidity, spanning capabilities and enhanced heart insulation. Axiome® polycarbonate roof sheets are excellent for applications such as carports, canopies, shelters, covered walkways, BBQ shelters, and many other areas where a lightweight glazed roof or screen is required to let light though. The sheets are easy to cut to size and shape and install. View the complete Axiome® range of sheets now!

      Aluminium Self-Supporting Glazing Bar Systems

      At Clear Amber we manufacture ranges of self-support aluminium glazing bars and rafter top screw down aluminium glazing bar systems, complete with all accessories flashing and components. Alukap®-XR provides a large range of rafter top glazing bars to suit hardwood rafter, softwood rafters or metal structures. The Alukap®-XR bars are fully aluminium and fix down with fully concealed fixings giving an excellent high quality and long-lasting finish. Alukap®-SS is readily available in any RAL colour to suit any required colour scheme. Check the full Alukap®-SS range here.

      Aluminium Rafter Top Glazing Bar Systems

      Screw down aluminium rafter top glazing bars are a great solution to fix and seal glass units or polycarbonate sheets any type of rafter or structure. The Alukap®-XR glazing bar system provides a large range of rafter top glazing bars to suit hardwood rafter, softwood rafters or metal structures of any thickness. The Alukap®-XR bars are fully aluminium and fix down with fully concealed fixings giving an excellent high quality and long-lasting finish. The Alukap®-XR includes Ridge Bars, Hip Bars, aluminium Crests, Finial, Wall Connection bars, Gable end bars and more. Why not browse the whole range now. 

      Snap Down Glazing Bar Systems

      Where a fast snap fix glazing bar is required snap down glazing bars provide a quick and easy solution for fixing polycarbonate multiwall sheets. Snapa® snap fix glazing bar system includes a full range of snap fix wall and gable bars, that work with 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm multiwall polycarbonate sheets. For speed and easy installation Snapa® glazing bars provide the ultimate solution. Buy our Snapa® range here.

      Aluminium Decking Systems:

      For the longest lasting decking solution aluminium decking outlasts wooden decking and composite decking. Wooden decking is great for a low-cost budget, but rots relatively quickly, particularly in wet climate areas. Composite decking on the other hand provides a solution that won’t rot, however composite decking tends to fade, warp, and become brittle or worn looking after a few years. So when trade customers and home owners are investing in decking, with all the costs of foundations, timber joists, or other substructures, Aluminium Decking has a massive advantage as it has an estimated life span of 50 years, and won’t rot warp or wear like timber or composite decking. Alupave® aluminium decking system provides all the benefits of aluminium decking, but has several other patented features and benefits, including a concealed drainage and water harvesting system, hidden fixing, double waterproof sealing to keep the substructure totally dry, double grip anti-slip and anti-wear surface, double anti-creaking cushioning and much more! The Alupave® aluminium decking and flat roofing system is available in any RAL colour as well as plain mill finish aluminium. Get the full Alupave® range today.

      Secondary Glazing Systems

      Secondary glazing of commonly used as a addition layer over windows for heat insulation or security. The best glazing sheet for secondary glazing is Axgard® polycarbonate sheets as they are UV protected and very strong! The Axgard polycarbonate sheets can be cut to size and then glazed in to any secondary glazing system. Sekosnap® secondary glazing system has been developed with a registered design and patented features that allow fast and easy to installation that can be removed for cleaning purposes, or for seasonality. The slimline design of Sekosnap®

      allows the secondary glazing to be installed without unsightly frames retaining the original overall look and feel of the windows and room. Made from aluminium Sekosnap® has very long lasting and robust properties making it a great solution for almost any secondary glazing application. View the Sekosnap® range here.

      Corrugated Bitumen Roofing Sheets:

      For any timber structures requiring a waterproof roof, corrugated bitumen roof sheets provide a great solution hat is fast to install and relatively low cost. Corrugated bitumen roof sheets can be cut to size, overlapped and screwed down, quickly and easily waterproofing any area where daylight is not required. Corrapol®-BT bitumen roof sheets are part of a the Corrapol® family of products which are all compatible, providing a complete solution which all overlaps, allowing clear corrugated roofing sheets to be used within or alongside the Corrapol®-BT roof sheets. Corrapol®-BT bitumen sheets are available in four colours. Clear Amber Group have also manufactured a vast range of patented Corrapol®-BT Rock N Lock Gable Flashing bars, Rock N Lock Wall Flashing bars, Top Wall Flashing bars, and two ridge solutions, with endcaps, all in the four matching colours, along with a huge range of fixing and sealing colour-matching accessories. Buy the full bitumen roof sheet range now!

      Clear Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheets:

      Many roof projects require a clear roof to let as much light in as possible. Plastic corrugated roofing sheets provide a great lightweight solution which is fast and easy to install. The Corrapol® clear corrugated roofing sheet ranges come in three plastic types, all of which are compatible with the Corrapol®-BT corrugated bitumen sheets. The three types of clear corrugated sheets are set out below with explanations of the benefits of each. View and compare all corrugated roofing sheets.

      Clear PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheets:

      For roofs where a low-cost solution is required, PVC roof sheets provide an excellent solution which let a good amount of light in. The disadvantages of any corrugated PVC roof sheet is that they are not very strong, and tend to go more brittle over time, especially in areas where there is a high degree of UV light where the roof is on the sun-facing side of a project. Additionally, all corrugated roofing sheets have a blue or grey tint to them which is an inherent property of the raw material and therefore the overall light coming through them is slightly reduced. Having said that Corrapol® corrugated PVC roofing sheets have an estimated lifespan of 10 years and continue to be a massively popular solution for canopies, carports, and many other types of shelter. The Corrapol® range comes with all the side and wall flashings in six colour options, making it fast to install and easy to create a professional finish to your corrugated roof. Buy Corrapol PVC roof sheets today!

      Corrugated GRP Roofing Sheets:

      Commonly known as polyester roofing sheets these GRP (fibre reinforced polyester) roof sheets, provide a more robust solution and are around 20 times stronger than the corrugated PVC roof sheet option. The glass fibre reinforcing that provides the extra strength does have a slight disadvantage of obscuring the light a little, so these sheets don’t tend to let in quite as much light as the other corrugated options. Corrapol® GRP Corrugated Roofing Sheet has been developed to provide optimum light transmission and strength ratio to get the best of both worlds. The Corrapol® GRP roof sheets are also compatible with all the other Corrapol® corrugated sheet options and again has a large range of flashings and accessories to suit. Check out GRP Corrugated sheets 

      Clear Corrugated Stormproof Roofing Sheets:

      When comparing clear corrugated roof sheets Corrapol® stormproof roof sheets are the best solution providing the highest strength estimated to be 50 times stronger than corrugated PVC roof sheet and made from raw materials that are approximately 200 times the impact strength of glass of the same thickness. Additionally, Corrapol® stormproof corrugated sheets provide a glass-like level of transparency and give a truly clear roofing solution. These Corrapol® stormproof sheets come in a range of lengths to suit many roofs, but can also be easily cut to exact size for a specific length or overlapped for larger roofs. The full range of patented flashing kits such as Corrapol®-BT Rock N Lock Gable Flashing, Rock N Lock Wall Flashing, Top Wall Flashing, and Super Ridge Bars are available in six colours. These unique Corrapol® flashing bars are also complimented with endcaps, fixings and sealing accessories. Compare the ranges and buy your Corrapol Stormproof sheets today!

      Surface Protection Products

      In almost every job our Trade Customers work on there is a requirement for surface protection for floors, walls windows or doors, to protect from surface scrapes, water damage, paint, dust and dirt. That is why we produce Ambex® surface protection sheets which protect your important surfaces while you work on site so you don’t have to worry about expensive damages! Ambex® surface protection sheets provide a waterproof surface protection. We manufacture the sheets in a high viz amber colour to alert workers of the hazard areas. Each Ambex® sheet can be simply tapes to the next to quickly cover large areas very quickly. Ambex® has a box structure making it fairly rigid, however Ambex® sheets can easily be curved, shaped, cut and bent to wrap around corners, sides and angles of all products and areas. Buy your surface protection sheets today!

      New Innovations are on their way…Your ideas…

      The Clear Amber Group Manufacturing Teams are always designing and creating new products for the future including enhancements to existing ranges, as well as completely new innovations, and several further new products are currently being manufactured and will be released soon. We love to hear from you with your ideas and welcome any new product ideas or enhancements you could suggest to help all our Trade Customer worldwide create a greater future! Please reach out and contact us, and let us know of any ideas you have that could help.

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