How to install guttering

Can guttering be easily fitted by a DIYer? Absolutely – simply follow this how to fit guttering guide and comprehensive video to learn how.

Plus, learn top tips from our experts for an easy gutter installation.

Unfortunately, repairs and replacements are a constant challenge for homeowners due to poor quality plastic gutters being fitted as standard. Plastic looks great on day one but sadly discolours, goes brittle, leaks and breaks in a very short time frame.

However, this is a cost-effective and much better alternative you can install: Aluminium Gutter.

Tools required to install guttering:

  • Appropriate Safety Gear
  • Drill with an HSS or Cobalt Drill Bit
  • Chop Saw (with aluminium-compatible blade)
  • Timber Batten or Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Silicone Gun & Securbond® Gutter Sealant
  • Stainless Steel Wall Fixings

How to install guttering - Steps:

  1. Safety first – please take the necessary safety precautions
  2. To determine the gutter position lay a batten on the roof
  3. Then place a Running Outlet so the batten is touching the inside edge of the guttering
  4. Mark the height of the base of the Running outlet on your fascia/structure using a pencil
  5. Take a Gutter Bracket and predrill two fixing holes with a metal drill bit. The fixing hole diameter should match your chosen fixing.
  6. Secure the first Rock N Lock® Gutter Bracket in place. IMPORTANT: Use stainless steel fixings that are suitable for your fascia/structure material.
  7. Fix the gutter brackets at circa 600mm centres. Adjust this spacing to suit your specific project location (e.g. if in a heavy snow area)
  8. Rock N Lock® your first gutter length into place
  9. Optional: screw in the safety grub screw – refer to our Installation Guide, linked below, for full details
  10. Use a gutter union anytime there is a gutter, running outlet or corner connection
  11. To join components, select an Aluflow® Gutter Union and mark 25mm in from each edge
  12. Choose a 3.5mm Drill Bit that is suitable for drilling metal and drill holes into the two points you have marked on the union
  13. Select a tube of Securbond® Gutter Sealant in a matching colour
  14. Cut the nozzle to 45 degrees and trim to create a 4-5mm diameter hole
  15. Ensure the surface of the gutter is dry and free from dirt
  16. Mark the back of the gutter at 20mm & 40mm in from the joint edge using a pencil. Repeat the other side of the join.
  17. Carefully run four parallel beads of Securbond Silicone from the front to the back of the gutter at your marked points
  18. Ensure there are no gaps in the beads of Securbond
  19. Fill the screw channel with sealant out 50mm from the join in both directions
  20. Rock N Lock® the gutter union into the guttering and compress down
  21. Screw the two screws down firmly until fully secured
  22. When installing Running Outlet, offer up to your guttering height and mark either side
  23. Secure a gutter bracket centred at these two points with suitable stainless steel fixings
  24. Rock N Lock the gutter outlet into place
  25. Aluflow curved corners follow the same installation method as the running outlet
  26. Brackets should be fitted on both sides of a corner
  27. To install stopends, apply two beads of Securbond sealant at the end of your gutter (20mm and 40mm in)
  28. Fill the screw channel with sealant from approx 50mm out to the end
  29. Then Rock N Lock the flush gutter stop ends in and compress down
  30. Screw into place for a neat flush finish
  31. Aluflow Gutter stop end fits gutter lengths, outlets and corners

Refer to our Aluflow Gutter Installation Guide for full fitting instructions.

Common Gutter Installation Questions

How to avoid costly guttering repairs?

There are two ways to avoid having to repair your gutter system often: Install using the correct method and choose a longer-lasting material, like aluminium.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of gutter leaks are caused by poor installation originally. However, in the majority of instances, this is not the sole reason for the leaking or breaking issues.

For over 75% of gutter repairs, the roof of the problems lies in the material used: PVC.

PVC is a low-cost plastic used in many construction products to provide a more economical option to stronger alternatives. For example, with PVC glazing bars rather than aluminium glazing bars on polycarbonate roofs.

There is a downside to PVC products particularly those in darker colours, for example black, grey or brown. That is, they are adversely affected by the sun. Even with modern colour stabilisation methods UPVC gutters, particularly in dark colours, are badly weakened and discoloured by the sun’s UV rays.

Additionally, with the weight of rain loading there is a limited strength lifespan on a plastic gutter.

So, are there any alternatives that cost the same as plastic guttering? Yes, the best alternative to plastic gutters is aluminium. Traditional aluminium guttering was expensive, however, modern systems like Aluflow®, have been completely redesigned to make the prices very affordable.

How much to replace gutters?

Replacing gutters depends on the size of your project but for a short run, it can start as low as only £200. For a full house it will move from there.

Always calculate the lifetime cost as well as the initial outlay to get an accurate costing. For example, a PVC gutter system may save you £200 initially but last quarter the time of aluminium and cost you double the repairs.

Use our two handy calculators to get an initial idea of costs. When closer to carrying out the job you can work out accurate estimates and quotes with help from our team.

Click to Use our Guttering Calculator

IMPORTANT: Remember when budgeting for a gutter repair or replacement project, the scaffolding and labour costs will be the biggest cost items. For homeowners, doing a DIY installation can save on labour costs but it is worth considering the time you will have to invest yourself versus hiring a professional.

Do you need scaffolding to replace guttering?

If you are installing guttering on a two storey or above building you will definitely require scaffolding to complete the job. It is also recommended to use scaffolding for bungalows and lower level installations as it provides a much better working area.

It is possible to use a ladder on some low level gutter installs, e.g. the end of a corrugated plastic carport, but always ensure you take the necessary precautions as ladders can be dangerous if not used with care.

How far apart should gutter brackets be?

The optimum spacing for gutter brackets is approx. 600mm from bracket to bracket. It is best to adjust this to suit your specific location and project as external factors can affect this.

For example, if you are in an area that receives a higher annual snow volume.

What is the best gutter sealant to use?

Securbond sealant has been designed to be a very versatile product used for many applications but particularly as a gutter sealant. Created to be compatible with plastics and metals, the Securbond silicone offers the perfect balance between elasticity and adhesive strength.

You may also recognise the brand as a sealant for polycarbonate sheets, which it also is.

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