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In the world of corrugated roofing, Corramet roof sheets are the new best sheeting material option for installers to consider. ‘What is Corramet?’ you ask. In this article, we will guide you through why Corramet corrugated roofing sheets are a popular roofing solution for a wide range of applications at home and commercially.

For years, the range of choice when looking for a solid-coloured corrugated sheet has been very limited. The main options have been either bitumen sheeting, which is a good budget option but has a basic lifespan, or corrugated metal which is hard to install, hard to cut and usually on long delivery lead times. Neither are perfect options when you looking for a durable sheet that is easy to install and available in a reasonable lead time. Corramet corrugated sheets offer the best of both worlds! Available on a fast delivery and being easy to install makes them an option you should definitely consider.

Corramet sheets have good rigidity so they are a sensible choice for more challenging installs where extra durability is required. This extra rigidity, compared to other options, lends itself to greater spanning capabilities and in turn, less support for the installer to install!

Corramet has been manufactured in a wide range of sizes, including up to 3 and 4 metres long! 

Another disadvantage of some corrugated roofing sheets is they are either only available in shorter lengths, such as 1 or 2 metres, or any available longer lengths are on an expensive slow delivery. With this in mind, Corramet has been manufactured in a wide range of sizes, including up to 4 metres long! If you are looking for 3m corrugated plastic roofing sheets then Corramet could be the best option for you.

Wanting to start your roofing project without delay? Corramet sheets are delivered on a fast lead time of only 1-3 working days and using standard delivery methods even on longer sheets. From planning your roof to delivery, it could be only a few days! Other 4m corrugated sheet options, often lead to expensive palletised delivery on a long 3 week lead time.

Ease of installation is a key deciding factor you should consider before starting your corrugated roofing project. The great news is that Corramet Corrugated Sheets are easy to install even for those with a little DIY experience. With a wide range of length options, there is no requirement for overlaps lengthways unless your roof is over 4 metres deep, from ridge/wall to gutter.

Corramet Roofing Colours

Corramet sheets are compatible with all the patented Rock N Lock Flashings, Top Wall Flashing and Super Ridge systems which makes installation so much easier. If you are using Corramet to re-roof an apex garden shed simply use the aluminium Super Ridge on the Apex to create a watertight ridgeline. Or if building a lean-to log store roof, use the Top Wall Flashing against the back wall to seal.

When installers are looking for a mix of durability, a long life span and a high-quality finish, Corramet sheeting is the answer. Unlike other coloured roof sheeting, such as bitumen roof sheets which are a great budget option but offer a limited lifespan, Corramet has an estimated lifespan of 20 years! This provides peace of mind that upgrading your roof sheeting means they not only survive the test of time but will pay off over the long run.

One of the top benefits of buying a Corramet Roofing Sheet Kit is that fixings are included! You will receive a standard number of fixings per sheet based on the length of your sheets. This saves you from having to think about how many fixings are required. (If you live in an exposed location then consider purchasing additional fixings to suit your requirements.) What’s more, these fixings are the Flexi cap corrugated roof fixings so they are colour matched to suit your choice of Corramet sheet colour. With fixings included, all that you need to think about are the other basic accessories and flashing required. Most basic roofs will require corrugated foam filler strips for each purlin and Rock N Lock Gable Flashings for both sides as a starting point. From there, build up your project quote based on your roof type. Click here to jump to the bottom of this article and see the other accessories required for different types of roofs, lean-to or apex.

With great waterproofing qualities, Corramet is a great option for a range of garden and outdoor applications, inducing garage roof replacement sheeting or shed roofing. The specially formulated plastic compound resin they are manufactured has a great water proofing qualities, ensuring water is drained away fast if on a good pitch. When installed along the correct flashings a Corramet roof can be watertight for many years so they are great option if you are looking to create a dry outdoor area.

Before purchasing corrugated metal sheeting, whether galvanised corrugated roofing sheets, corrugated iron sheets or box profile sheets, it is worth considering that they are poor noise insulators and good noise conductors. This can be a big deciding factor for clients as corrugated metal sheets are a big noise contributor, especially if using a thinner 0.5mm metal sheet.

Available in our signature black and green colours, Corramet Sheeting offers two great colour options that fit in nicely with any garden or agricultural application! Black is the most popular option, being a nice neutral colour that can work with any colour scheme you are trying to blend with, on the other hand, green offers a more distinct colour that is commonly used in rural applications.

If you are living beachside, in a coastal area or in an exposed location choosing the correct roofing sheet for your project is critical. Corrugated metal sheets have a high corrosion risk so are best avoided, especially if you live near the coast. In comparison, Corramet sheets won’t corrode or rust making them the best roofing choice if you live near the sea. Due to the special plastic compound resin they are manufactured from, the Corramet sheeting is sea water resistant and marine resistant.

Corramet Corrugated sheets are by no means limited to one type of roof, however, here are some of the most popular applications to get your DIY juices flowing:

  • Shed roofs
  • Garage roofs
  • Summerhouse
  • Porch canopies
  • BBQ Shelters
  • Walkway covers
  • Bike Shelter
  • Barns
  • Pergola covers
  • Stables
  • ... and many more!

Quick-fire Corramet Corrugated Roofing Questions

What is Corramet made from?

Corramet is not made from a single form of plastic resin. It is made from a new specially formulated plastic compound resin that is designed to provide a strong and durable solution for roofing.

What lengths are Corramet corrugated sheets available in?

Corramet roofing sheets are available in a wide range of lengths including 1m, 2m, 2.5m, 3 m and 4 metres.

If you are looking for 3m corrugated plastic roofing sheets or 4m corrugated plastic roofing sheets then Corramet Sheets are an option hard to beat!

What colours is Corramet sheeting available in?

Corramet corrugated roof sheets are available in black and green. Black is most popular as a neutral colour but green is also often used for garden applications. All roof fixings and corrugated roof flashings are available in black and green to match.

What screws should I use to install Corramet?

Corrugated roofing screws are included with every Corramet roof sheet ordered. These screws are the Flexi Cap Corrugated roof fixings that are colour matched to suit. The Flexi Cap screw design ensures a firm compression down onto the roof structure and secure fixing.

How many corrugated roofing screws come with each Corramet Sheet?

Corramet Corrugated Roofing Sheet kits come with fixings included. The number of fixings included per sheet varies depending on the sheet length. Our corrugated roof fixings are sold in 10 or 50 packs so they are in multiple of 10.

This is how many roof fixings you will receive per Corramet sheet:

1 metre sheets - 10 corrugated roof fixings
2 metre sheets - 20 corrugated roof fixings
2.5 metre sheets - 30 corrugated roof fixings
3 metre sheets - 40 corrugated roof fixings
4 metre sheets - 50 corrugated roof fixings

If your roof is more exposed or in a windy location then you may be advised to use more corrugated roof fixings than the standard number supplied. Simply view our Corrapol-BT Flexi Screw-Cap Fixings to order additional roof screws in your colour as required.

What do I need to install a Corramet Lean-to roof?

To install corrugated sheeting on a lean-to roof you will need:

  • Corramet Corrugated Sheets (fixings included)
  • Corrugated foam filler strips
  • Rock N Lock Gable Flashing (or Rock N Lock Wall Flashing if you have a side wall)
  • Top Wall Flashing
  • Flashing Tape
Corramet Lean-to Roof Graphic

If you are roofing a pent roof then you will require the items listed above, minus the top wall flashing and flashing tape.

What do I need to install a Corramet Apex Roof?

To install corrugated sheeting on an apex roof you will need:

  • Corramet Corrugated Sheets (fixings included)
  • Corrugated foam filler strips
  • Rock N Lock Gable Flashing (or Rock N Lock Wall Flashing if you have a side wall)
  • Super Ridge
  • 2 x Super Ridge End Cap (only one required if an end meets a wall)
Corramet Apex Roof Graphic

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