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Since Corrugated roofing sheets were first pioneered in the early 1800s as a new roofing solution with exceptional capabilities, they have continued to develop and improve significantly. With modern manufacturing methods, there is now a much greater range of options available. The genius behind the corrugated nature of the sheets gives them greater longevity and strength. This ‘wavy’ profile also helps prevent water build-up as any rainwater easily runs down the troughs in the corrugations.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a budget-friendly option to consider on all roofing projects. Its light, robust and easy-to-install qualities make it popular for many DIYers and contractors.

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic

  • Corrugated Plastic is a lightweight material meaning installation is fast and simple to do. This makes it an appealing roof sheet option for DIYers doing a smaller home project.
  • A wide range of corrugated fixings and flashings on offer. All the Corrapol accessories help to securely finish your roof as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Clear Options are available. Stormproof sheets are the best clear corrugated roofing sheets available as they offer unbeatable strength and transparency.
  • UV Protection on some Clear Corrugated Roofing Sheet options. This ensures protection against going brittle or discolouring over the years. A significant advantage when considering the lifespan of the sheets.
  • Range of options for different budgets

Disadvantages of Corrugated Plastic

  • Some lower grades are less impact-resistant compared to the stronger options, like Stormproof.

Type of Corrugated Plastic:

Corrugated PVC

Corrugated PVC is the most budget-friendly, so they are a smart choice for lower-cost projects. The PVC corrugated sheet can create an attractive finish at a good price. Not only are they lightweight to handle but they are also compatible with all the Corrapol corrugated fixings and flashings which means you can still have a top-quality finish to your roof. Do bear in mind, the lower cost means they aren’t the most impact-resistant plastic sheet type you can purchase.

Corrugated Stormproof

Corrapol Stormproof is not only the strongest clear corrugated sheet available but it’s also manufactured with a virtually unbreakable resin and a UV protection layer. Stormproof sheets offer the greatest light transmission compared to lower-grade corrugated plastic sheets which often tend to have a blue or grey tint.

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Again, these sheets are compatible with all the Corrapol fixings and corrugated roof flashings to ensure a high quality and stunning roof finish.

Corrugated Corramet

Corramet = the strongest opaque corrugated plastic sheet on the market. By opaque we mean solid coloured, like black, green, red etc, rather than clear. These sheets are manufactured with a specially formulated resin to give them superb strength, durability, and longevity. Plus, you have the added benefit of all the fixing coming included when you purchase Corramet sheeting.

Corramet Corrugated Sheets Review Image

Corrugated Corramet sheets have multiple uses but are excellent for bigger roofing projects as they are manufactured in lengths up to 4000mm which means less overlapping is required. Less overlapping means better waterproofing. Naturally, this also makes installation a lot simpler.

Corrugated GRP

GRP roof sheets are the answer if you’re building a low-cost roof light or translucent roof. Like the other corrugated sheet plastics, it is lightweight and easy to handle. With a fibrous construction, this sheeting is not completely clear but rather has a distinctive translucent look which gives you a great mix of privacy and light.

GRP sheets are manufactured in the same profile as the Bitumen Sheets and Corramet which means that you can easily create a budget-friendly rooflight by overlapping alternative materials.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal sheets are the original corrugated material, however, in recent years its popularity has waned due to its downsides compared to more modern materials.

Advantages of Corrugated Metal

  • Due to the non-combustible properties the corrugated metal has good fire resistance and will help reduce fire risk in some applications.
  • Custom Length Options are available.

Disadvantages of Corrugated Metal

  • Corrugated Metal rusts and corrodes fast.
  • Corrugated metal sheets are expensive, so they are more likely to be suited to bigger budget projects – one of the reasons it is rarer for them to be used by Tradesmen or DIYers.
  • Despite perceived strength, corrugated metal roofing sheets dent and ding easily.
  • They are very noisy in the rain and hail which can be off-putting for owners and neighbours alike.
  • Metal sheets expand and contract with different temperatures. This makes them more prone to leaking. In turn, the roof will require a more stringent maintenance program.
  • Plain galvanised metal roof sheets are often considered ugly.
  • Lead times are traditionally weeks long.

How Metal Roofing Sheets Corrode Graphic

Types of Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Iron

Corrugated iron sheets are one of the cheaper types available however, they also have a higher risk of corrosion.

Corrugated Steel

Corrugated steel is held to be the best fire retardant of metals. Under high heat, this material can retain its strength. Rust risk is a big factor to consider with corrugated steel sheets.

Corrugated Aluminium

Corrugated aluminium is corrosion-resistant, unlike iron and steel. Although this will mean the sheets will never rust, this does come at a substantially higher cost.

Is Corrugated Plastic or Corrugated Metal best?

Corrugated metal is the traditional choice, however, corrugated plastic with all its benefits is now the best choice for roofing projects of all sizes. Corrugated plastic doesn’t rust, is easier to install and is available at a range of price points.

Nowadays, the only real reason you should choose corrugated metal is if you are retrofitting to match a specific existing roof profile.

Corrugated Plastic  Corrugated Metal
Lightweight and easy to handle Heavy and unwieldy to handle
Non-corrosive Corrodes and Rusts
Easy to Install Requires Installation Experience
Available at a range of prices Expensive
High Impact Resistance Dents Easily


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