Your Guide to Alupave® Aluminium Decking

Are you looking for the answer to replace your weathering timber and composite decking? Look no further than aluminium decking.  It is a long-lasting alternative that will complement any home’s landscaping. In this guide, we shall look at the top features of aluminium decking, what it can be used for, and exactly what you need to get your decking project underway.

This guide will cover the essential factors you should be considering when replacing your decking such as life span, fire rating, and installation; just some of the decision points we shall explore. 

Top Features of Aluminium Decking:

Aluminium Decking really is a step above traditional wood decking and composite decking boards on so many levels. As the market leader, Alupave decking boards are a class of their own amongst their aluminium features. Here are the highlights:

  • Robust: The beauty of aluminium decking is due to its incredible strength it can not only be used as a standard decking application, but it can also be used for public areas, commercial, and high-rise applications!
  • Fire-Rated: A top benefit most people associate with aluminium decking is that it is fire-rated.  Whether is it a construction project or a simple DIY project safety is of utmost importance. As Alupave Decking is A2 Fire Rated it is a great choice for balcony decking and roof terrace decking. Since the Grenfell Fire legislation was passed high-rise buildings must comply with regulations to prevent another devasting disaster from reoccurring. That’s why Aluminium Decking is the perfect non-combustible decking solution for any project as it is uniquely fire resistant as a material.
  • Strong: Aluminium decking boards have fantastic spanning capability which is beneficial for saving time and money on sub-structure, while still ensuring a very robust structure. Alupave® Decking can span from 400mm to 1450mm between decking joists(depending on the application it is being used for).

    Read our aluminium decking guide for more details on joist distances. The reason greater spanning equals lower cost is because the greater distance between the decking joists means less substructure.

  • Inbuilt decking drainage: Alupave Aluminium decking is truly an amazing system as it has been designed with an integral gutter system which allows for outstanding water management. The internal gutter is perfect for dealing with decking drainage making it suitable for both a high-rise project and ground-level drainage.
  • Long lifespan: Even if your project is a simple at-home project, it’s still vital to know how long your decking project is going to last. Aluminium decking is a very robust system and has the longest life span of 40 years plus. With some applications lasting up to 60 years! This is a far superior decking compared to timber and composite which have a poor life span of 5-10 years.
  • Full Seal: Unlike timber and composite decking, our aluminium decking has a double seal connection between each board. This prevents water from soaking down over the substructure. This full seal decking has the advantage that it will prevent the subframe from getting wet and rotting over time. It’s also an advantage if you are building balcony decking or first floor decking. For all your balcony decking needs, you should use a Fully Sealed Decking system as this will prevent rainwater from dripping down onto lower levels and prevent any small objects from falling through the gaps between traditional decking boards.
  • Easy Installation: Aluminium decking has a speedy interlocking system. The Hidden Decking Gutter is an integral part of the Aluminium Decking System so there is no added installation time. It’s perfect for when you need to replace your balcony decking quickly.

Alupave® Decking can span from 400mm to 1450mm between decking joists(depending on the application it is being used for).

Most Common Aluminium Decking Applications:

A unique feature of aluminium decking is that it is suitable for roofing applications such as verandas and balconies on flat roofs. Components such as side deck guttering mean the water can be drained from the entire decking of a flat roof to a chosen point, making water management straightforward. These are the most common aluminium decking applications:

  • Balcony Decking
  • DIY Patio Decks
  • Large Commercial Non-Combustible Decking projects
  • Flat Roof Verandas
  • High Rise Decking
  • Commercial Walkway Decking
  • Wheelchair Access Ramp Decking
  • Caravan & Holiday Home Decks

Stop your decking rotting with Alupave decking

What Components will I require?

Constructing an aluminium decking is straightforward to do. The main parts that are required for your aluminium decking are:

 Decking Component Use  Quantity Required
Aluminium Decking Boards Interlocking system boards (available in 3 colours) Boards come with two pre-lubricated gaskets.

Area = Width (m) x Length (m)

Total Area / Board Coverage = quantity
Decking Gutter The decking and flat roof gutter allows water to drain out of the decking. Length of the draining edges of the deck.
Decking End stop Bar Designed to seal the non-draining edge of the boards. It creates a tidy finish to the top edge of the decking. Length non-draining edges of the deck.
Gutter End Caps These caps are used for sealing the non-draining end of the gutter. It completes the look and creates a watertight seal on a decking gutter. For non-draining ends of the gutter.
Straight Gutter Connector This straight connector is to join the gutter lengths. It permits the water to flow long distances on bigger decking areas.

For joining straight lengths of gutter.

External Corner Connector The external connector offers a simplistic way to join the gutter on an external corner.

For external gutter corners.

Internal Corner Connector This internal connector offers an instant connection when the gutter is required to go around an internal corner. Commonly used on L-shaped decking layout.

For internal gutter corners.

Alupave Aluminium Decking Overview

Unlike any other decking or paving solution Alupave® Decking and Flat-Roofing System combines a number of Patented innovative features that make it truly unique.

Alupave® is extruded from aluminium giving it natural fireproof qualities, meaning it is suitable for use on high rise buildings being a safe, non-combustible decking option. Designed with a double-peak anti-wear surface means Alupave® offers excellent longevity for high traffic areas and long-term requirements without warping, bending or rotting!

What Colours is Aluminium Decking Available in?

Aluminium decking boards and accessories are manufactured in three standard colours; Anthracite Grey, Mill Finish, and Sand Yellow. Alternatively, you can opt to choose a powder-coated option which is perfect to suit any colour scheme. Here you can check out our extensive range of RAL colours.

Another huge benefit of selecting a RAL colour is it’s the ideal way to match your decking to another part of your landscaping. For example, if you have a pergola, you can match your glazing bars to your new decking for an appealing landscape finish. 

The most popular colour of aluminium decking would be anthracite grey as the darker colour tends to look cleaner and easier to match a wide range of gardens. 

Is Aluminium Decking Cheap?

Yes! When compared to other decking options, aluminium decking is very good value for money due to its exceptional lifespan and durability.

The advantage of modern aluminium decking is that it is designed to be installer-friendly and intuitive to build a quote. Why not try our our easy-to-use aluminium decking calculator to work our your price! 

If you have any questions relating to our Aluminium Decking, then you can chat with our team and they can hep with full project costs and bulk discounts.

Need Help with your Decking Project?

If you are needing help building a quote for an aluminium deck please get in touch. Our Team will be happy to assist on our Live Chat or you can email where our we will provide you with all the advice and support you require for your project.

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