How to Cut Axgard Glazing Sheets

How to cut Axgard glazing sheets?

One of the reason Axgard® Glazing Sheets are a popular roofing solution is because of how easy they are work with, cut and drill! Unlike cheaper plastics which go brittle and shatter when cutting, it is very easy to cut Axgard sheets smoothly by simply following our guide below or video above!

To cut Axgard Sheets you will require:

  • A Jigsaw with blade (Installers Tip: a fine tooth blade with upward-cutting teeth is easiest)
  • A Measuring Tape
  • A Marker Pen
  • A Level or Ruler

To cut Axgard Glazing Sheets follow these steps below:

  1. Ensure you are wearing the appropriate PPE and have the correct tools before starting
  2. Secure the Axgard Glazing sheet that you are cutting is with a clamp, or similar, to hold it firmly. Any movement will effect how straight your cut finishes up!
  3. Using the marker pen draw a line on the Axgard Protective Film where you want you cut to land, using a Level or similar to keep it straight. You can also cut shapes and curves if you wish! (Installers Tip: A Jigsaw Edge Guide, as shown in our How 2 Video, can be easier if you are close to the edge)
  4. Select the highest blade speed available.
  5. Start the jigsaw and check it is all running smoothly and in order
  6. Starting from your chosen point, move the jigsaw slowly into the Axgard® Sheet being carful to start off straight
  7. Then speed up to a medium feed speed as you move across the sheet, following your marker line
  8. When reaching the end, main your feed speed until an inch or so from the edge where you will want to slow down. Be careful at this point as the offcut may be moving around more!


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Ken Journeaux.

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