Click our Alukap®-SS Glazing Bar Installation Guide above, on the left, to view our latest fitting instructions for installing your Alukap-SS Aluminium Self Supporting Glazing Bars.

On the right, you can also view our Alukap®-S Glazing Bar Technical Guide for all the technical details you may need about this product!

Unlike other Self Supporting Glazing Bars, Alukap-SS Glazing Bars can be installed with any thickness of glass or glazing, including our Axgard Solid Glazing Sheets and Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets, making them perfect for a wide range of commercial and home projects.

With a low profile glazing bar option that is great for spans up to approximately 3 metres* and and a high span glazing bar option that can span up to a market leading 6 metres* the Alukap-SS Glazing Bars are in a class of their own!


*Inasmuch as Clear Amber Shop have no control over the circumstances in which our material may be used, we cannot guarantee that any particular results will be achieved. Users should carry out their own tests and obtain structural engineer calculations as required to determine the suitability of the material for their application. Installers should satisfy themselves that published permissible loadings and bar spacing’s for Alukap-SS roofs and posts are sufficient to provide adequate strength for the intended use and to meet regional loading requirements.

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