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Looking to replace your gutter downpipe with an easy-to-install system? You should definitely consider aluminium downpipes.

Aluminium downpipe is straightforward to install and faces none of the fading and leaking challenges of the plastic alternative.

Choosing Aluminium Downpipes is the Sustainable, Affordable and Quality choice.

The growing popularity of aluminium downpipes means it is only a matter of time before the challenges of plastic become an issue of the past. This is a good thing for homeowners and installers alike as PVC downpipes are notorious for fading quickly and being prone to leaks.

Even before any discolouration issues arise, the material weakness is a challenge with many installers reporting snapping brackets and cracking downpipe connectors.

By upgrading to an aluminium gutter system, the strength of every component is inherently stronger from the outset. Then combined with the sustainability and lifespan benefits the choice of opting for plastic guttering is much less desirable.

If you haven’t already, it is worth watching our How to install guttering video which explains the installation of the guttering parts of the Aluflow® system. Typically, you should install downpipes after the main gutter runs.

Tools required to install downpipe:

  • Appropriate Safety Gear
  • Drill
  • Chop Saw (with aluminium-compatible blade)
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Silicone Gun & Securbond® Sealant
  • Stainless Steel Wall Fixings

How to install downpipe - Steps:

  1. Safety first – please take the necessary safety precautions
  2. Start with the Aluflow® Running Outlet and Rock N Lock into place
  3. Ensure all joints are clean and dry when connecting
  4. Apply Securbond® gutter sealant to all connections to ensure water tightness
  5. Connect a small piece of rainwater downpipe to the bottom of the running outlet (ensure the length clears the bottom of your fascia)
  6. Fit a 112 Degree Downpipe Bend to start the swan neck
  7. Measure another small piece of downpipe to suit your soffit depth. Top Tip: allow for the downpipe to sit approximately 35mm off the wall
  8. Then cut this measurement with a chop saw or hack saw with a metal-suitable blade
  9. Fit another Offset Downpipe bend to complete the swan neck
  10. Downpipe clips should be spaced at approximately 1.5m apart and directly below any connections
  11. Ensure each downpipe bracket is tightly fitted around the downpipe. Flex inwards to tighten if required
  12. Securely fix the first downpipe bracket to your wall with suitable stainless steel fixings
  13. Use a downpipe connector, with a gutter bracket below, to join two downpipes together end-to-end for a longer run
  14. To join two downpipe runs together use a Y Branch Connector
  15. Finish with a downpipe shoe for a neat finish or run straight into a drain system.
  16. Always fit a guttering clip directly above or on the shoe
  17. Explore the complete Aluflow range, featuring hoppers, corners and more on online!

Refer to our Guttering Installation Guide for full fitting instructions for the Aluflow® guttering and downpipe system.

Common Downpipe Installation Questions

What is a gutter downpipe swan neck?

A swan neck in guttering is the name for the shape a downpipe takes when using two offset bends to return the downpipe run from the fascia back under the soffit to the wall. Its main purpose is to adjust the position of the run in a neat fashion.

The essential components required to create a swan neck are 2x Aluflow 112 Offset Downpipe Bends and a short piece of downpipe. The length of the downpipe should be sufficient to reach from the first offset bend back to the downpipe on the wall. This distance is best measured on site and the length trimmed to suit.

creating a swan neck guttering

How to fit a downpipe connector?

To fit a downpipe connector first ensure the inside of the connector and corresponding downpipe is clean and dry. Then apply a ring of Securbond sealant to the inside lip of the downpipe connector and slot onto the downpipe end. Hold in place for a few seconds.

Next, apply a ring of silicone around the outside of the connector at the bottom and attach the next downpipe. Once sealed, always install a downpipe bracket directly below the connection.

What colours is aluminium downpipe manufactured in?

Aluminium downpipe is made in the three most popular standard colours which are black, grey and white. They can also be bespoke coloured to any colour to suit your specific project.

Black downpipe tends to be the most common as a neutral colour and a safe route to match the roofline on most housing. With the exterior colour scheme of a home being quite a personal choice, having the option of any colour guttering is a great bonus. Popular bespoke colours include black blue, pale green, gentian blue, signal red and cream – just to name a few.

Is a downpipe shoe important to have?

Yes, it is critical to have a downpipe shoe every in application where the downpipe is not running directly into a drain. Beyond the clear aesthetic benefits, it is important to fit a downpipe shoe to ensure the rainwater drainage is directed away from the foundations of your building.

Less commonly gutter downpipes can run directly into a drain, however, this must be a soakaway or surface water drain as running into the main drainage system can cause overcapacity and reduces flooding risks.

How far apart should downpipe brackets be?

As a rule of thumb, downpipe brackets should be spaced approximately 1.5 metres (59 inches) apart.

If the project is in an exposed location or there are several bends you will likely need to increase the quantity of downpipe clips.

How to connect a water butt to a downpipe?

You can connect a water butt to your downpipes in two ways. The easiest way to connect a watt butt to a downpipe is to have the rainwater downpipe run straight into the butt and have an overflow mechanism on the butt itself.

Alternatively, you can use a rainwater diverter to pass a small amount of water from the downspout to the water butt.

Need Help with your Downpipe Project?

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