pvc versus stormproof corrugated plastic roofing guide

Buying corrugated plastic roofing can be an absolute minefield – which corrugated profile do you want? Is thickness important? Is UV protection necessary? Why are sheets different widths?

In this guide, we’re going to de-mystify the whole process of buying corrugated plastic sheets for you.

Ultimately, when you are deciding which corrugated roofing sheets to purchase it comes down to one essential question: Which material type is best PVC or Stormproof?

Profile sizes are irrelevant unless you are matching existing sheets so ignore those, just don’t buy a mini profile. Thickness is not an indication of strength (a thicker poor-quality corrugated sheet is still a poor-quality sheet).

We will compare:

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at what the two options of clear corrugated roofing sheets are.

What is a PVC Corrugated Sheet?

The more commonly used, PVC corrugated sheet is a low-cost sheeting made from the popular plastic resin called Polyvinyl Chloride. Used in many construction products like guttering and decking, PVC is widely available and provides an average lifespan.

corrapol-pvc corrugated diy grade roof sheet Insitu

Often PVC clear corrugated roofing sheets can be distinguished by their slight blue tint, which is due to the manufacturing process. We will explain what this means further when discussing UV protection.

Sometimes associated with cracking, PVC sheets have a notorious reputation, but they may still be the choice for you.

What is Corrapol Stormproof?

Corrapol® Stormproof sheets are the strongest clear corrugated roofing sheets available on the market, manufactured exclusively by Clear Amber. As its name suggests, this corrugated sheeting material is built for endurance and longevity with a unique composition and qualities.

Corrapol Stormproof sheets remove all previously conceived stereotypes about clear corrugated sheeting with their unparalleled strength and quality for a good price.

corrapol stormproof corrugated roof sheet Insitu

High clarity, proper UV protection, longer lengths and great robustness are just some of the benefits that come with purchasing a Corrapol® Stormproof Corrugated sheet. Read on to learn more about this roofing sheet’s unique benefits.

Please Note: this guide only covers clear corrugated roofing so if you are looking for a coloured or opaque sheet then check out our popular Corramet® sheets.


Manufactured from a virtually unbreakable resin, stormproof sheets are by far the most robust corrugated roof choice. Their high strength provides an excellent impact resistance which makes them perfect for outdoor uses like Lean-tos, carports and pergolas. Particularly where there is likely to be a variety of impacts from nature or human causes!

There is no competition to the strength of a Corrapol Stormproof sheet. In comparison, PVC corrugated sheets are lighter and have a much lower impact resistance. This makes them more suited to temporary or short-term projects.

Strength is a critical factor in ensuring your corrugated roof endures through the rougher weather periods. Much like their name, a stormproof corrugated sheet offers significantly greater resistance to wind uplift and cracking.

A bog-standard PVC corrugated sheet from a DIY store will simply get destroyed in the slightest storm!


By selecting to install a Stormproof clear corrugated sheet you are choosing unbeatable clarity for the long-term. This clarity arises from the high-quality resin that these sheets are manufactured from.

Ironically despite being ‘clear’ sheets, some corrugated plastic are quite cloudy in appearance and have blue or grey tints to them.

If you are installing your sheets on a small chicken coop roof, for example, this is not a big issue, however, for medium and larger projects the cloudiness/tint creates a dirty appearance. What’s more, any tint reduces the light transmission and brightness in the space below.

The lack of clarity and blue tint is one downside of a pvc corrugated sheet and why many homeowners are opting for Corrapol® Stormproof instead.

Pergola with a Roof Review

UV Protection:

Installers can sometimes be scared away from details about ‘UV Protection’ but this simple concept is critical to a roofs lifespan so it is worth understanding the fundamentals.

All types of clear material are affected by UV as the suns rays hit and pass through them causing degradation, in the form of brittleness or yellowing, over their lifetime. Each different type of plastic has a different reaction to these UV rays and some are coated with a special coating to reduce the impact of the UV.

To ensure maximum lifespan, having a full UV protection coating is the best solution and what a Stormproof corrugated plastic sheet offers. This prevents them from going brittle or discolouring over time rapidly as PVC sheets tend to.

Many PVC corrugated sheets on the market are infamous for yellowing fast and cracking and splitting from the brittleness of the sheet. Although a cheaper sheet at first may seem more appealing, most PVC sheets are only UV resistant which means no coating only a slight resistance to slow the degradation. UV resistance is no match for a proper UV coating like on Stormproof!

The UV resistant composition is what causes the blue tint. Brands like Corrapol PVC have the best UV resistance that a pvc sheet can offer without a heavy blue tint.

Some low quality pvc corrugated sheets (particularly own brand versions) have no UV resistance at all, unfortunately.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that some low-quality imports of corrugated plastic have zero UV protection or resistance. This means they look acceptable on the first day but degrade very fast. Always choose a reputable brand from an established roofing sheets manufacturer, for example, Corrapol®.


The estimated lifespan of corrugated PVC sheets is 5+ years however, this can vary depending on how sun-exposed the location is and any storms.

The strength, along with the UV protection, gives the Corrapol Stormproof sheets a much longer estimated lifespan of 20+ years. The excellent clarity and long lifespan of these roofing sheets mean that they can be used for a wide range of applications such as canopies, shelters, covered walkways and more.

Although Stormproof sheets cost slightly more than PVC, the return on investment due to a substantially longer lifespan massively outweighs the upfront cost difference.


All types of corrugated sheets are relatively easy for DIYers to install. Their overlapping fitting method is fast and straightforward and once fixed with corrugated roof fixings they provide a secure waterproof cover.

Both PVC and Stormproof sheets from the Corrapol® range are compatible with the patented Rock N Lock® flashings. These flashings are important to protect the sheets from wind lift and protect the fixings at the gables.

An advantage to the strength of the Stormproof sheets is that they are a lot easier to cut and drill compared to your average PVC sheet which can crack if not done properly. Therefore, you have a product which is much easier to handle as you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your sheets before they have been installed and put to good use.

Watch our How to cut corrugated plastic video to learn more.

Due to the stronger nature of the sheets, Corrapol Stormproof is available in lengths up to 4000mm. This means that you can have less or no overlaps on longer roofs. Also, there is less chance of leaks as with the longer length and less overlapping, your roof is more thoroughly waterproofed.

Is PVC or Stormproof Corrugated Plastic Better?

Although PVC sheets are better for smaller projects or low budget solutions, Corrapol Stormproof has an unrivalled advantage in many areas with its strength, longevity and clarity.

When to use PVC: Small & Temporary Projects

When to use Stormproof: Medium & Large Projects

Installing a Stormproof corrugated roof will give you peace of mind for many years to come with a quality that can be relied upon. PVC corrugated sheets are the low cost option when it comes to clear corrugated sheeting which makes them ideal for some smaller DIY projects or temporary fixes.

Stormproof  PVC
UV protected UV resistant
Virtually unbreakable Can crack and split
High Clarity Slight blue tint
Est 20 yr. lifespan Est 5 yr. lifespan
Up to 4000mm long Up to 3000mm long


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